Road Trip Postcard: Muir Woods

What are your plans this weekend?  Allow me to continue  my post yesterday of the Wine Country three years ago.  The memories of our drive and exploration are coming back to me.

After two wonderful days in Calistoga and brief detour in Napa Valley, we managed to find the road leading us to get a glorious glimpse of Muir Woods National Monument.  This is the perfect place for the tree lovers out there.  I, being a desert resident,  am nature deprived all year round and will never pass an opportunity to hug a tree!

Main Entrance of the Muir Woods National Monument 2009
Near the Entrance
We spotted a deer!

I love being there surrounded by nature  and positive energy
The towering Sequoia Trees are soothing to look at
Look at how massive those Giant Redwoods are!
Muir Woods is an old growth coastal redwood forest 19km north of San Francisco.  It is situated very close to the Pacific Ocean and a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. 
Hiking Trails

One can seek comfort under the redwoods forest canopy.  Wear comfy hiking shoes as some tracks are steep and unpaved.  There are hike trails with different types of loops to choose from  around the Redwood creek.  Entrance fee is roughly around $5 - $7 per person.  For more information on operating hours and planning a trip there, click Muir Woods Official Site

Have a wonderful Friday!

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