On a Personal Note: One Pool Day

J'adore la piscine. Last year, I started spending most waking mornings in this community pool. As soon as the phone alarms, I'll get up change into bikini, walk a kilometer or two to get here and wait for the cleaning to be over at 8AM. I'll jump in feeling like a kid. I'd have the pool to myself while enjoying the silence underwater. I want to freeze those moments.  Later, when the cold season came, I stopped doing that and diverted my attention to running. 

The season for swimming is back in the Middle East. Plunging in the pool season is just around the corner for the rest of the world. My friend Tintin and  I spent the day together inside this very water yesterday. She is an airline cabin purser.We met while we were both working for an events and exhibition design company. She was a swimmer and an avid member of her university swim team.  She taught me how to do freestyle many years ago. Here, we spent the entire morning threading in 6 feet deep water as we conversed about life in general and talked about our funny travel stories. We threw jokes at each other that sent me in bouts of uncontrollable laughter.  

One thing I'm sure  I cannot do is laugh hysterically while threading on water.  I stopped breathing.  I swallowed my laughter and a lot of pool water as I swam to the edge. Once in the clear, I finally laughed out loud, guiltily disturbing neighbors who were peacefully sleeping while slowly roasting on the lounge chairs. An Indian food lunch break and back in the water afterwards, I'm incredibly thankful for this perfect day!

One Pool Day Wish List

Pool Side Fashion

Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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  1. I love your wish list! I love swimming as well and can't wait for swimming season to open here in the states!

  2. Super cute bikini!

    Lattes & Lacee

  3. What a lovely pool! I'd love to go for a morning swim in there, too!

  4. I love swimming in a pool too but not so much in the sea.

  5. I LOVE this bikini!! So so cute!
    Myself I am more of a runner since I tend to find swimming extraordinarily boring for me. Back and forth, back and forth... I can swim for ages, but after half an hour I would be so bored that I just quit. And go running next time again. It just doesn't work for me as a work out. But, when I did this, especially in the mornings before work or lectures I felt very refreshed. I liked that. And I like to have laughters in the pool with friends and just playing around :-)

    Have a lovely day!



  6. Oh Arni, you have me absolutely pining for a pool day! I spend so much time huddled indoors away from the cold that I completely forget about simple pleasures like starting the day with a swim!. Really love the cute outfit you put together too!

  7. I see you are as fan as me of the navy style, the anchor bikini is great! you are lucky pool season is already there, I will have to wait a few months (shit) I can wait to jump into the pool.
    kisses and have a great week!

  8. Cute bikini and cover up. It's icy cold in the UK again. I can't wait for my next trip to Dubai.

  9. Oh, I can't wait for warmer weather here.

    And girl time.