Long French Lunch and Dinners

What I will miss most in France are the lingering lunch and endless dinners that last for hours. French conversations that gave me "nosebleeds" {Nosebleed is a joke, an expression we use in the Philippines to describe having difficulty expressing oneself in another language. Excessive thinking will cause the brain to hemorrhage thus leading to nosebleed}.  

Here's a food diary of what kept us preoccupied during these long lunches and dinners:

Aperitif:  Salmon on Toasts
Ah The Foie Gras
Aiguillette de Boeuf avec des châtaignes, des haricot verts et des pêches
Top of rump cuts of beef with mushroom cream sauce, chestnuts, green beans and slices of peaches with a really good bottle of white wine.

Tuna Pate and Foie Gras
Fish with legumes butter & wine cream sauce
La langue de boeuf

There were cheese plates and countless desserts that followed.

Bon Appetit!
Love & light,

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  1. Nom on the veggie ones :) Boo and hiss on foie gras

  2. Wow! Totally drooling. I love foie gras

  3. Oh wow, this looks so tasty! I totally get that feeling when trying to speak another language, haha. Even if it's a language I'm somewhat fluent in!


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