Travelling with a Baby

Philippine-bound.  One of my dreaded challenges is to travel inside an airplane with a baby. I think the most cringe-worthy scenario is a non-stop cry fest with poor passengers darting dagger-like stares at us.

I also wondered how I will manage all of our activities throughout our trip with an infant. All these years, my husband and I have been traveling light. Carefree. Spontaneous.This time around, I should plan everything in advance.

It was as if when I gave birth, I grew an extra brain that just doesn't stop mumbling, one thought after the next.  Multi-tasking was also a bonus I never thought I ever had in me.   I realized later,this is one of the symptoms of  'motherhood'.  The non-stop questions while planning things ahead for the comfort, security and happiness of the family.  

Questions like:

  • Is her milk available there?  How much do they cost?
  • Diapers. How expensive are they there compared to Dubai?
  • Where is she going to sleep? She needs a crib. How will I do that without spending too much? Is it worth buying one for two weeks?
  • Should I take the car seat too?  Oh we don't have a car there.  How much is a rental? Eek, my driver's license in the Philippines is expired. I need to convert my Dubai license into an international one. Now I have to apply for that. Where's my old Philippine license by the way? Need to renew it. It's lost. Oh no. 
  • Oh, the stroller too? I definitely need that. I heard there's no extra charge for that in the plane.
  • Baby-carrier. Baby Bjorn. Yes, that too. Should I get a larger one now? It's becoming too small for her.
  • Toiletries. How will I ever fit all of them in our luggage?
  • In the plane, what time is our flight? How can I get her to sleep during the flight? 
The list went on....

After researching online and through friends & family, the price of a can of milk (Similac HA) is almost double the price in the Philippines. Diapers are also way cheaper in Dubai. A friend sold her slightly used traveling crib for only AED 100 (USD$27). Clothes, diapers, toiletries, and even goodies for the fam, I shipped everything in a box two months ago just in time for our arrival. The shipment cost is still economical compared to buying everything there.

Here are some helpful articles for planning a trip with a baby:

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I'll share my personal experience after the trip.
I keep my fingers crossed.
Chill Arni,
I'll try to take things in stride, promise.

  Have you ever traveled with an infant?
What was your experience with a crying infant in a plane?
A crying infant that belongs to someone else crying their lungs out, how was it?
Any tips you can share for a first-timer like myself?

Love & light,

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  1. This travel experience is obviously going to be different for you but you are so organised that I'm sure everything will go well. What a good idea to ship things over to be there when you arrive!

  2. Wow you're going home, and with the baby too! I'm not a mom so I can't relate haha... But since you've organized everything I'm sure you and your family will be just fine. Have a safe trip!

  3. I don't think people understand how hard it is to travel with an infant. You can never predict how they'll act. It sounds like you're well prepared for anything that might happen, though!

  4. It sounds stressful to travel with an infant, but so worth it! I'm impressed with all of your planning!

  5. Hi Arni, wow, great that you planned everything so well ahead, I am sure you will be alright. I sometimes read a blog called "Aspiring Kennedy" - the protagonist, Lauren, also had a baby and is a frequent traveller, and I remember she shared a lot of her experience on her blog
    Safe travels & lots of love

  6. Oh my Arni, you are SO organised so it sounds to me half the battle is won. Hope your flight went or goes well. I remember all the way back to when my two were tiny and travelling really was a nightmare with all that extra stuff we had to take. I found that feeding mine on take off and descent helped avoid earache as it meant they were constantly swallowing and being full meant they drifted off to sleep too! Have a good trip x

  7. I read ahead and saw that your brilliant idea fell through - oh, the extra stress! As a mother of two, I can relate. How did the plane ride go? I'll be doing a road trip of 12 hours with a 9 month old and near 4 year old...thankfully no strangers darting glares..but I'm a bit apprehensive!!! ;)

  8. Not yet a mom, but traveling with a baby is not far in the future. I can already imagine what you've gone through and I know it's not easy. I'm one of those who give dagger-like stares when I'm not in the mood. Sorry! Haha! Soon, it'll come back to me. :)


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