Tropical Foot Wear Wish List

In one week, I can finally heed my wanderlust.  I am excited to take the plane again and gallivant in these footwear perfect for a tropical country.  Since I am unable to go shopping nowadays, I turned to Polyvore to satisfy my whim. Here's my footwear shopping wish list that would be perfect for this trip.

Tropical Footwear Wishlist

Embellished sandals

Scoop gold sandals

Billabong sandals

Dollhouse thong sandals

Havaianas flip flops

Charlotte russe shoes

Charlotte russe shoes

There will be lots of walking both in the city and countryside. The thongs / flip-flops will be perfect at the beach. Guess what, these are also perfect for those living in the Middle East where it is sunny and warm all year round. 

Take your pick.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
Love & light,

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  1. Polyvore is great for that :)
    I like 2 and 5. I'm a big fan of flat footwear, I don't even remember the last time I wore heels. As I don't have a car I usually walk a lot and it's better to do it comfortably in a pair of ballet flats than struggle in some heels.

    Enjoy your holidays and free time with your daughter. She must have grown a lot in the last couple of months!
    Hug for you both!

  2. I love the shoes you have for number 2! I really want a pair like this, but whenever I mention it I et funny looks from my husband! Haha!

  3. Shoe heaven! Now you have me longing for summer (Sydney is suffering from a serious bout of never-ending rain at the moment... ironic I know). Where are you off to this time?

  4. A great holiday selection. I love the J Crew flats - I can never resist a touch of leopard print. Like me, I think you're always ready for another travel adventure!

  5. I love flipping through Polyvore! I have never created a collage with it. I should take the time to! Enjoy your travels!

  6. Polyvore is really fun, I like that it allows me to act like a stylist hehe... I like numbers 4 and 9, those are really pretty.


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