7 Tips for a Newbie Climber

Clang, an avid mountain climber and blogger behind Clangies Tower accepted my invitation when her hiking stories piqued my curiosity. Please welcome her as she shares her best tips for those who want to start climbing and exploring trails. 

1. Don't be "Pabebe" 

This Filipino slang according to Urban Dictionary is someone who is trying hard to look cute and expects to be treated like a very important person.  Be prepared to slip, fall, slide, get wet, wounded, encounter mud, leeches, altitude sickness and mosquito bites. "Walang arte-arte," (Don't be fussy) Clang noted.

2. Research.

Research the mountain you are going to climb. This will give you information on which type of trails you are going to take, how long it will be, which will be the basis of your preparation.

3. Always climb with a Pro or at least with a guide.

Do not underestimate a mountain regardless how easy the trail is.  Before you can actually climb a mountain, you have to secure a permit from the local tourism office or  barangay hall. This is for them to take note the names and number of people who are going to climb and  whether they are doing a day hike or an overnight climb.  For security reasons, they would be able to track what time you should be back. 

The tourism office usually recommends a guide but if your group chose not to, it's okay as long as your group has someone who knows the mountain, again for security reasons.

4. Pack light.

You don't want to bring 50 kilos of things you will be bringing up. That will just add up to the stress of climbing itself.

Three must-haves when climbing:

- Water
- Medicine Kit
- Trail food - sweets and salty food to be taken alternately 

Don't bring "just-in-case" clothes. For day hike, one change of clothes. For overnight, two sets. For multi-day hike, try to bring lightweight clothes e.g dri fit.  

5. Plan your climb

- Logistics - Who will bring what?
- Itinerary - When, what, where. Transportation
- Weather - so you know if it's going to rain or not.

6. Waterproof

Regardless if it's raining or not, waterproof your bag. 

"There was a time that I had to use a garbage bag as a rain cover. I thought that it wouldn't rain that day because it was sunny when we started the climb. The next thing I know, it was raining. I had gadgets and my clothes in my bag "unprotected", so it kinda freaked me out when it started raining. Preparation is the key."

7. Don't forget to enjoy the actual climb.

Some climbers are too focused on reaching the summit and forget the joy of the journey to the top. You'll meet friends along the trail.  People who share the same passion as you.

Check out her first major climb:   Tarak Ridge: A Noob's First Major Climb

Clang is the blogger behind Clangies Tower. She loves drinking coffee. She plays volleyball and finds all the time to climb a mountain.  She co-founded the mountaineering group, ADP Outdoor Club. 

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  1. that first photo is sooo well done!

    1. Thanks Dezzy, whoever took this photo did a brilliant job capturing Clang up there at the summit. When we saw this image of hers, we both knew this would be the perfect cover photo for her article.

  2. These are great tips. I am definitely not an experienced climber, but this really does look like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Ashley. She inspires me to take longer trails more than a day hike.

  3. She sure shared some great tips. I am not fond of climbing but I still climb when I have to hahaha... Next time I will make sure to water proof my things.

    1. Haha, I have to say it's not easy to hike and climb some places here because of the heat.

  4. The first tip is the hardest for me - flipping hate bugs, they always find a way to bite me, no matter what!

    1. They love your blood. :) My husband is a mosquito magnet and they follow him around. It's what frustrates him the most living here.