Our Adventures Getting a 13A Permanent Non-Quota Immigrant Visa for a Foreign Spouse

Are you by any chance a foreigner married to a Filipino or Filipina and you are contemplating staying or living in the Philippines for a longer period?

For the first few years of erratic visits to the Philippines, Yohann and I have used the Balikbayan Visa that would allow him to stay in the country for 1 year.

All we needed to do is queue together and present ourselves to the officer at the Philippine Immigration Counter before entering the country along with our NSO Marriage Certificate. The assigned Immigration Officer has the right to approve or reject a Balikbayan Visa.

It's nothing extraordinary. It's merely a stamp on the foreign spouse's passport, but this would allow him to stay longer than the regular 30 days given to most Non-Filipino tourists. The drawback though, is he won't be able to get a Balikbayan Visa without me, if he exits and enters the country later.

13A Permanent Residence Visa...ah the sound of it already rings alarm bells of complex application process.  Fear not. Take a deep breath. 

Note: I'm not an Immigration Expert and neither am I a lawyer.  I am a mere citizen and wife who experienced the process.

First Step: Getting a Non-Quota Immigrant Visa By Marriage

If you are a foreign national married to a Philippine Citizen, a 13A probationary visa is applied in the first year.  It is a mandatory process in order to get the 13A Permanent Residence Visa which you need to apply a year later.

How long would the entire process for 13A Probationary Visa take?
It took us 2 months. It could sometimes stretch longer than that depending on the availability of your other requirements.

Our 13A permanent residence visa that we applied a year later took us more than 2 months. To be on the safe side, make sure you have a long visa duration when planning to do this.

You also can't leave the country in the middle of your residence visa process or you'll have to repeat the steps of application and pay the steep fee again. For emergency cases, you would need to notify BoI (Bureau of Immigration) and obtain permission before leaving the country.

Baby steps.  Collect the required paper work.

Click here for the Bureau of Immigration requirements.

1. I ordered my NSO Birth Certificate and our NSO Marriage Certificate at the SM Business Center.  I spent about Php 140 +Php 20 Service Fee for each copy. I claimed it at the counter after  4- 6 working days. 

You can also order it online at NSO Helpline if you want them delivered straight to you.  They say a cheaper alternative is to head straight to National Statistics Office in Quezon City, if you live nearby. Personally, the transportation cost, traffic and waiting time spent in long queues, we're better off ordering them online or via SM Business Center.

2. Ooh, then the much dreaded NBI Clearance (National Bureau of Investigation)!

Thankfully, we found a very informative and helpful post written by Writers in Tandem about the 13A visa process and Abigail mentioned there's a separate queue for foreigners at the NBI Headquarters for their 13A application.

First things first, register online at the NBI Website before going to their Main Branch at United Nations in Taft Manila.  There is a No appointment No Entry Policy!

If you're in Cebu, head straight to the main branch, NBI Capitol.  Unlike in Manila, there's no special queue at the capitol for foreign applicants.   There you have to fall in line like everyone else, unless you're a Senior Citizen or you're pregnant.

You would need to pay the fee first to any Bayad Center.  In my husband's case, we deposited the payment to one of their accredited banks.  He paid Php 115 NBI fee + Php 25 website fee = Php 140. He carried the deposit slip with him because he needs to present this to NBI.  It's better to pay ahead of time rather than queue at the main branch.

Requirements for NBI Clearance:
1. Online Registration Printout
2. Payment Deposit Slip
3. Photocopy of Valid Passport
4. Latest Arrival
5. 2x2 Pic with White Background

Please bring a black pen at all times!

What to wear?  Casual attire is appropriate. Males - T-shirts/ Polo Shirts with Pants and ideally closed shoes.  Females - Pants, Skirts/Dresses of appropriate length (1 inch maximum above the knee) and ideally shirts or blouses with sleeves. No tank tops, flip-flops, slippers and short shorts.

Yohann applied for his NBI Clearance for the first time last year. We went to NBI Headquarters in United Nations Avenue together and went straight to the foreign national counter. There was no queue at all. He presented his requirements, they checked it and encoded it. They took his finger prints and he later queued for the photo, and that was it. Total Time it took:  30 minutes!

He claimed his NBI Clearance at the same branch 3 working days later. He basically just dropped by and claimed it, as simple as that. The process was really fast. However, for Filipinos, it was not the case, as you well know.

Update: Mind you, when we applied for an NBI Clearance a year later in Cebu, they don't have this special queue for foreign nationals. 

3.  The next requirement is preparing a joint letter requesting a visa addressed to the Honorable Commissioner of B.I.  I basically copied the letter prepared by Abigail  of Writers in Tandem on her post and prepared a similar letter, printed it and signed it. Just double check the current appointed commissioner and update it based on the new administration.

4. Prepare 2x2 Pictures with White Background of your foreign spouse.

5. Fill up the CGAF Form. You can ask for this form at the Customer Assistance Counter. We filled up ours at the Bureau of Immigration office. We wanted to avoid making mistakes. Do print the checklist here

6. Purchase 2  legal sized 8"x 14" folders for paper work submission.  This is a requirement by Bureau of Immigration. Otherwise, you'll be forced to buy from vendors outside.  We bought ours at a bookstore for Php 9 each.  Please don't forget black pen (as always).  You will be using one folder for the visa application and one for the ACR (Alien Certificate of Registration) Identification Card. 

Once you have everything signed and sorted, you are now ready for the action! (An evil mwahahaha laugh).

Wait, What to Wear?
They're quite strict on the attire so you better follow or be sorry. Dress appropriately please. No slippers, shorts, miniskirts, sleeveless and tank tops. Check out their new dress policy for 2017 here 

Now if you're in Cebu, they're not strict in B.o I. Office at J. Centre Mall in Mandaue.  You can pretty much wear anything comfy.

How to Get to BoI Manila?
On the first week of April 2016, we traveled from Paranaque City to the Bureau of Immigration in Intramuros, Manila. There's a UV Express Van Lawton-bound along Sucat Avenue that sometimes goes to Intramuros and passes near B.I. You'll just have to ask the driver if he's headed towards that direction.  Ours was kind enough to make the detour and he dropped us in front of Max's, a block away from B.I.

Bureau of Immigration
Opening Hours: 7AM - 5:30 PM
Contact : +63 2 4652400
Email: xinfo@immigration.gov.ph
Website: http://immigration.gov.ph

Visa Application Procedure but I don't remember going to the 4th Floor

Please bring an ID
You would need to leave one at the entrance.  Proceed straight to the long counter near the stairs. They will give you the CGAF Forms to fill and run through your documents filed in your 2 folders before you are sent from window to window for signatures and verification. 

Once you have completed the verification process, they will keep your file and application forms and you'll be directed to pay approximately Php 10,926. This includes the ACR and Express Lane fee. They will give you a receipt with your interview appointment date and time. There are 2 appointment schedules. If you miss the first one, you can show up for the second. But if you miss both, then you'll have to go through the entire process and pay the fee all over again. 

Being aware of this, we were punctual on day of Yohann's interview scheduled a week later. 

Time it took us for the application : Half a day. We had lunch at Max's a block away afterwards.

I took this photo from the B.I. Fire Escape while waiting for his Interview

The Day of the Interview - April 15, 2016 (Total time: 1 hour)

Be on time for your interview.

Please make sure you have your official receipt and original passport with you. 

Yohann and I were guided to the interview rooms on the upper floor. Outside each office were sign up sheets where we registered his name while we waited along the corridor for his name to be called. There was quite a number of applicants that morning and it was raining hard outside.  

I remember being asked to sit inside the office of one of the immigration lawyers. The interview was somewhat brief and informal about how we met, where we got married, what we're going to do in the Philippines and why he has requested for a permanent visa. 

After the short 10- minute interview, we went to a window on the same floor. We waited a bit for our turn. Here, they took his biometrics and photo for the ACR I-Card. That was it!

We were notified that the status and result of his Visa Application will be released a month later. We were given a date when we can check the results of his visa status online. 

The result was released earlier than expected. 

13A Probationary Visa approved!

A few days later, we found ourselves en route to B.I. We managed to get the O.R. and the stamped visa on his passport.  I had the opportunity to hang around Starbucks Intramuros across the street while waiting for his ACR I- Card which was released the same day.

After One Year

Within a year, we moved around a lot.  

 ACR Annual Report

ACR Appearance at the B.I. 

An annual appearance is required for the Alien Certificate of Registration Annual Report. All foreign nationals holding a valid ACR-I Card  or Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card shall report within the first sixty (60) days of the calendar year to the Bureau of Immigration Main Office Intramuros, Manila or B.I. Satellite Office.

In our case, now that we're based in Cebu, we went to the B.I. Office in J. Centre Mall in A.S. Fortuna Street in Mandaue City.
  • The annual report for 2017 is from January 3 - February 3, 2017!  It is done every first 60 days of the calendar year (January to February)
  • Applicable to all special non-immigrants/ immigrants (non-tourists) whose ACR I-Cards were issued before January of the succeeding year.
  • Must appear personally before any authorized BI Office, fill up some forms and pay Php 310 and penalty for late compliance.
We went there yesterday January 10, 2017 to pay the annual report fee. Yohann needs to present this as well when he applies for the 13A Permanent Visa which we'd be applying for very soon.  The whole process took us about 1-2 hours. He was sent from window to window for submission and verification before paying the fee.

Filing for Amendment from Probationary to Permanent 13A Visa should be filled preferably 3 to 4 months before the expiry date of the current visa!

Second NBI Clearance Application

We have just done his NBI Clearance process today.  We first went to an NBI Satellite Office in Naga, Cebu, but we were told they do not process foreign applications there. They should mention this somewhere on their website during the online registration. It would save time, gas, effort, additional stress and inconvenience.

He was asked to go to the Main Branch - NBI Capitol near Fuente Osmena Roundabout.  I should warn you there's no parking area there. I drove around while waiting for him. I ended up waiting at SM Seaside City, because the process took him an hour and a half. Due to his change of address, they will release his clearance after 3 weeks for further verification.

He took a hit. It means they need to check him further and run it with their Main Branch in Manila, which also means, it would take time. The 3 weeks stretched to more than a month and we were becoming anxious regarding his deadline to apply his visa at the Immigration.

Everything got sorted out after a quick phone call to the NBI Manila Main Branch and they released his NBI Clearance in Cebu the very next day.

BI Requirements

Prepare 2 Original Copies of this CGAF Form and Fill them Up. (Black pen please)

  1. Print the Checklist
  2. Prepare 2 Original Copies of duly accomplished CGAF Form (BI Form CGAF-001-Rev 2
  3. Prepare 2 sets of  Legal Size (Long Folder 8 1/2" x 14" with fasteners)  
  4. PSA Authenticated Marriage Certificate or Marriage Contract
  5. PSA Authenticated and Certified Birth Certificate of the Filipino/ Filipina Spouse
  6. Photocopy of Passport Bio Page, Visa Implementation Page and page with latest Admission of Valid Authorized Stay. 
  7. Valid NBI (National Bureau of Investigation Clearance). 
  8. B.I. Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate
  9. Joint Letter Request Addressed to the Commissioner from the applicant and the petitioning spouse.
  10. If applicant is a national of any countries mentioned in Annex A of Immigration Operations Order No. SBM-14-059-A who arrived in the country after June 2014, Original Certified True Copy from Bureau of Quarantine Medical Clearance is needed.
  11. Additional Requirement:  The Affidavit of Joint Cohabitation

We went to the nearest lawyer in town for an additional requirement that we didn't have previously. The Affidavit of Joint Cohabitation.  It's an affidavit stating that the husband and wife are living together under the same roof for XX years.  We were asked by the lawyer to present our marriage certificate and we briefly narrated our history, how long we have been together and the places have lived.  It only took us less than an hour to get this done.

     12.  Long Brown Envelope.  ACR I-Card Application Section asked me to provide one. 

In order to save time, please prepare 2 photocopies of #4  to #11 documents.  

Bureau of Immigrations Office at J. Centre Mall is open at 8AM before the mall opens. 

If by any chance you failed to get photocopies, they offer photocopying services over at the Lawyer's office on the same floor.  You can also buy a long brown envelope from there as well and all of your B.I. Application needs :). 

On the day of the Amendment from Probationary to 13A Visa Permanent application, we were sent from window to window.  The reception counter adjacent to the seating area verified all of our documents prior and guided us where to go next.  We had to wait at the cashier and queued several times. 

Finally, we have received the date of his interview scheduled 5 days after the date of application.

We came back during his interview. That went well.

However, we were informed later at the ACR Card Section that since there was a change of address, we had to update this ASAP! Additional requirements ensued and additional fees!

  • Barangay Certificate with Complete Residential Address (House/ Unit #, Name of Subdivision or Village, Street Name, Sitio, Barangay, City and Province)
  • Affidavit of Change of Address . Indicate the actual transfer date and complete new address
  • Payment of Php 1,010 plus penalty of Php 2000/year of delay in reporting to the Bureau
With a letter of authorization from my husband, I came back the next day and submitted the necessary documents for his change of address and the rest of the requirements.  I was given a number to contact to track his visa application status.

BI Cebu Mailing Address:

Bureau of Immigration Cebu District Office
2nd Level J Centre Mall, A.S. Fortuna Street, Bakillid
Mandaue City, Cebu 6014

Website: www.immigration.gov.ph

Email: xinfo@immigration.gov.ph
BI Cebu Telefax No.: 032 3456441


Once we received information that his visa has been approved, we personally went to J. Centre. The drawback was, his ACR I-Card for some reason was mistakenly sent to Bureau of Immigration in Intramuros Manila. 

We followed this up with the office in Cebu for the next 3 months and was always told his card was on its way.   

Lesson learned: If something like this happens, don't wait for them to sort this out themselves because it will never get done. 

One thing I have learned in the Philippines, Customer Service is very rare. 

Contact the Main Office yourself.  We were feeling stubborn  and was hoping they'd do due diligence but we were wrong. 

After 4 months of waiting, we finally called up the Main Office in Manila. Our issue finally got some clarity and just a few days later, his ACR I-Card arrived in Cebu. 

Gosh, that definitely deserved a toast!
That's it, permanent visa done! 

Now, ACR Annual Report next year is another story.  All the best to your application process! Enjoy :)

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  1. he doesn't get citizenship just by being married to you?

    1. No, he doesn't, just like I can't easily get his. He needs to apply for a residence visa so he can stay longer without exiting the country every year and for administrative purposes.

    2. seems this doesn't apply if you travel often. In and out of the country. The whole process is too much if you stay 3 months in the Philippines, then back and then after few months travel out of the country again.

    3. Hi these,yes. Expats friends seize the opportunity to explore neighboring countries in South East Asia for a short break, exiting the country before their visa expires and then return.

  2. This is just an amazing post with such much info. I had always thought that visa to western countries was a nightmare. Just learnt that you have an equally complicated process in Philippines. Your post would surely benefit a lot :-)

    1. Thank you so much and welcome to Travel Gourmande. I truly hope this post provide information to those who are about to embark on the same adventure :)

  3. How long did it take to process the 13a the first time? We were thinking to apply for it as soon as we arrive in the Phils. Hubs has 59 days on his visa, would that be enough time for 13a processing or should he extend his tourist visa before applying for 13a? We plan to submit our application to BoI in Intramuros.

    1. Hello Bianca, 59 days I'm afraid is a big risk. It took us 2 months for the 13a probationary visa process and the 13a permanent one took us an even longer time. You mentioned hubs. I assume you're married? Instead of a tourist visa, why not get a balikbayan visa for him upon arrival at the immigration counter so he has one year stay whether he does so or not. At least this would give you peace of mind, save you additional fees and queueing for tourist visa extension. Good luck on the processing.

  4. Hi. Just want to ask if BI in cebu process applications for non quota permanent visa by marriage?

    1. Hello, yes they do. My husband and I went to B.I. office at J. Centre Mall to process his permanent residence visa and new ACR card.

  5. i'm actually going to the phillipines with the intent to get married in the next 2 months,and i found this article quite timely..i have a couple of question,if i may..do any of these visas allow me to work while i'm there?and when i enter the country i first get a 30 day visa which we plan to extend in order to get married,then we will be going to Singapore for a week,upon our return we will be asking for a balikbayan visa ,howver i'm confused about a forward ticket out..when i first come i have to have a forward ticket,will i need one to enter with a balikbayan visa ?

    1. Hello there, yes you can work with the 13A visa by marriage. You can also be sponsored by a company as an employee as long as you have the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) and Alien Employment Permit from Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) while you're on Balikbayan Visa. Just take note that if you go down the 13A visa route, you'll have to pay an approximate Php 5k+ exit fees every time you leave the Philippines.

    2. I am afraid you would need a forward ticket. This is just to be on the safe side. The check in counter of your country of departure often asks for it despite assuring them that you will be requesting for a balikbayan visa in the Philippines.
      We encountered the same issue several times prior to 13a. We used to arrange a refundable ticket for my husband exiting the Philippines thru a travel agency. All the best and best wishes to your wedding!

  6. Hello, Can you please give me the name of the new commissioner? I already have the joint letter written. I am doing the same thing like you, My husband and I will be applying his 13a Amendment to Permanent in two weeks. Thanks.

    1. The new/ current commissioner I believe is, Commissioner Jaime H. Morente. Please do check it out here (you'll have to scroll down a lot to find it): http://www.immigration.gov.ph/component/search/?searchword=commissioner&searchphrase=all&Itemid=101 and here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/915241/70-new-immigration-officers-hired-to-cut-down-long-queues-at-naia

  7. Thank you so Ma'am Arni. I went to the BI website and found out the new commissioner name. Thanks again for your quick response. Really appreciate it.

  8. Mapagpalang Umaga po! May idea po ba kayo na Kung pwedi mag Aral sa pinas ang isang forienger na asawa ng isang Filipino citizen na pumasok sa pinas na hawak ay balikbayan visa??? Salamat po!

    1. I believe you need to convert your balikbayan visa to a student visa in order to study in the Philippines and apply for an ( Alien Certificate Registration) ACR I-card. Please check Bureau of Immigration for the requirements and inquire at the Foreign Students Section of the University you are planning to enroll in. All the best!

  9. Applied for 13a in Sept. 2017 at J Centre Mall Cebu. I can add some step savers. Have 4 copies of your passport pages and 4 original copies of the 13a application. Additionally, at least two two hole punch fasteners for your 2 legal size manila folders. I applied on Monday afternoon and had a very short interview Thursday morning. So be prepared to stay if coming from the outer provinces. It took 2 hours first day and one hour on the interview day. Staff was helpful. A bit of running around making copies and the usual multiple windows for payments etc.

    1. Thank you so much for these tips! Will definitely send a lot of time having these copied prior to submission of requirements in various windows.

  10. Hi,

    How long does your husband's name appears in the immigration website?

    1. Hi Irene Grace, I'm not sure how long they're displayed on the immigration website. I remember we're told roughly when to expect the online announcement/post and they sometimes appear earlier than the date given. We just keep checking from time to time. Just ensure you claim the visa as soon as possible upon its release.

    2. Hi Arni, thanks for the reply. My husband’s 13a prob visa expires last September 29. We applied for the amendment last Aug 1 pa. until now wala pa ding update sa website nila. Called their office and they said that my husband’s visa will be included in the October agenda. My concern is, what if the implementation date is past Sept 29, will he be charge of overstaying and subject to penalty? I really hope they post in their website the accurate number of days that they process the visas.

    3. I truly hope your husband's 13a prob visa gets released as soon as possible. So sorry I don't have the information and/or experience regarding the effects of their delayed website postings. It is best to consult the Bureau of Immigration Office and seek advice what can be done to avoid issues. All the best Irene

  11. Really it was an awesome article… very interesting to read…
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    about eminence
    immigration services

  12. Hi! Thank you for the really helpful article :) Question: Can we get the Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate at BI the same day we apply? Thank you SO much! :)

    1. Sorry but we haven't encountered applying for ECC (Exit Clearance) /RP (Re-entry permit) yet so I'm not sure whether you can get it the same day. However, it says in this link that if you have a 13A with a valid ACR card for a temporary exit..you can get it at the airport. However, if without an ACR card, ECC should be obtained at BI office and allow 3 days or more before departure. Please do share your experience here later. Read more here: https://thisisphilippines.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/exit-clearance-in-plain-english-as-of-january-2014/

  13. Thank you for responding! :) Sorry I was not clear, I was asking about the #8 requirement which is the B.I. Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate :) Were you able to get it at BI the same day of your application? :)

    1. Oops,regarding requirement no. 8, you will receive this the same day from Bureau of Immigration when you submit your application.

    2. Thank you so much lovely Arni :)

  14. Hi.
    I married to a Filipino lady for 25 years.
    I want to apply for PR in Phil. I have the documents. I want to now if there is a user guide somewhere to help me fill in the form
    I filled in the front side by I am quite confuse about the other side
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hello there, sorry for my delayed response since I was traveling overseas. I know, filling up this form is definitely not a walk in the park. Unfortunately there no user guides for this. If you are doing it in Bureau of Immigration Intramuros Manila, if you have any questions, the kind staff at the customer service reception (below the stairs) would be able to help guide you through as they did with us (unless they renovated the building and they were transferred to another location). If you're doing it in J. Centre Mall, try the customer desk at the entrance (bigger B.I. office). All the best!

  15. Hi arni thanks for the info�� if may I ask do you think they required a police clearance from the country of origin of spouse if the we apply as soon as we arrive in Philippines coz it is mention NBI clearance required only if application is more then 6 months.

    1. Hello there, yes you need police clearance from your country of origin if you have applied and have lived in the Philippines for less than 6 months.

  16. Hello Arni,

    Thank you for this helpful info. It's less then 3 months we have entered the Philippines so that means I only need to present the police clearance from my original country, right? Do they require a NBI clearance from my Filipina wife, too? Also, we have a 4.5 years old daughter, she was born in Europe. Do we have to do the same procedure for her or just simple to apply for a citizenship. She has been registered with The Philippine Embassy in my country soon after she was born and got the Report of Birth child born abroad of Filipino parent. And the header of the form says: Republic of The Philippines Department Of Foreigner Affairs. It was issued by the Philippine Embassy in Budapest. Maybe she will automatically be granted the citizenship after processing the required paper works. But that is another story. I hope to get some answers to my questions from You. :-) Thank you so much in advance. Regards, ZSG

    1. Hello ZSG,
      Yes, a police clearance from your previous country of residence. No (thank goodness) I didn't need an NBI clearance for myself so you can skip this. Only the NSO Birth Certificate of your wife and your NSO Marriage Certificate (NSO Report of Marriage-if married overseas) are needed. Your daughter is automatically eligible for Filipino citizenship so she doesn't need a permanent visa. There's a separate application for that, through DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs). You'd need to submit her Report of Birth to NSO or PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) Main Headquarters to request for the NSO Birth Certificate (the green paper) for the first time. I had to queue for this in Quezon City. Once you've registered it in the system, you'll get the original copy the same day. I ordered a couple. The next Birth Certificate requests can be done online. Since she has Report of Birth, she can automatically apply for a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Book an online appointment in advance. Please do check if you can skip the NSO /PSA certification part and directly apply for her passport.

  17. Hello again. I forgot to ask another question. I just went through the checklist of documentary requirement for visa application and notice that there is 2 type of clearances required to submit:
    6. Valid National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance, if application is filed six (6) months or more from the date of first arrival
    in the Philippines;
    7. BI Clearance Certificate

    But since I have been less than 6 months in the Philippines #6 does not apply to me. Then what is # 7, BI clearance certificate? Any idea? Thanks! Cheers :-)

    1. You won't be needing the NBI since you arrived less than 6 months, and no worries about the BI (Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate). That's something you will obtain once you are there at the Bureau of Immigration. This is basically a clearance from them certifying that you are not in any of their derogatory database, list or records. All the best to your application!

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  19. Hello ARNI,

    Can you give me a rough estimate how much do we need for the 13(A) visa application alone?

    1. Hello there, do expect to spend roughly around Php 11k plus plus for everything - NBI Clearance, BC NSO copies and fees from BI for a 13(A) temporary visa and ACR for the first year. Another set of fees costing slightly less between Php 9-10k during the second year for the permanent 13A. However, this doesn't include misc. expenses such as transportation and etc.

  20. Hello Arni
    You are the best.
    I am following your post since 2017.
    I am going to apply for 13a prob visa. I found answers to all my questions.
    Keep it up

    1. Hello there! Thank you, it's validating to hear such a positive message. Cheers

  21. Hi Arnie,

    I am married to a USC and we have been living in the PH since March 2018. He currently has a 1yr BB stamp. Does he needs to be with me when I submit the application? Can he just come when it's time for interview? Thanks!

    1. Hello Fenny, to be honest, I have no clue. It just so happened that on both occasions we filed his temporary and permanent visa applications together. I did however, secure claiming his visa (3rd visit) without him, I had his passport with me and a letter of authorization and that worked. I think it shouldn't be a problem but it all depends on the BI officer of course. You'll just have to try it, if he's not available to gain time, as long as you have a letter of authorization from your husband and that you are both present during the interview (2nd appointment). All the best

  22. Hi Arni! I want to ask some questions if I may. How long does it take to process the 13A visa?

    1. Hello there, after the interview and submitting all of the requirements for 13A, the results were posted online a month later. Allow 2 to 3 months for the entire process to be sure depending on how fast you gather and submit all of the required docs.

  23. Nice blog,
    Every time, I get the really nice information from your blog and it helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing the useful article.
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  24. Hello Ms Arni. Thank you so much for this useful info. I am a Filipina married to a Japanese Citizen. We applied for his 13A probationary visa last Oct 25 & had the interview & biometrics Oct 28, 2018. Tentative date of ammendment is Nov 7, 2018 but until now (Nov. 28, 2018) there’s no update from the BoI. I just want to ask, if it is possible to leave the country before the visa ammendment? He really needed to go back to Japan for work. Also, my husband’s mother died this month & had to stay longer in Japan. He will visit the Philippines again next week, hoping for the visa to be approved. Is it worth the wait, and the money paid? Or are we going to start all over the steps again? :’( Please help. Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Joy, first and foremost, my sincere condolences to you both and your husband's family. We were told that if we leave the country before the whole process is complete, we would need to start over again. However, due to the urgency of your situation, you and your husband would need to visit BoI and request for special permission to leave the country from Bureau of Immigration to ensure all your efforts (and invested money) are not in vain. Good luck

  25. Great summary Joy. I too am tying this route as the SRRV Classic method involves me deposting $10,000 I can never see again! I go to chat with the Philippine Embassy here (Qatar) this week to verify some things. Like you I will no doubt post my experiences. Check out My Philippine Story on Facebook. Thanks again.

  26. Joy, great summary. I too have chosen this method for my retirement visa after reviewing the many options available. I predict I will be posting my experiences also. Check out My Philippine Story on Facebook if you wish. Thanks again.

  27. Hello Arni.
    My name's Gerardo.
    I've followed every posts you wrote here because I and my pinay wife are going to live in Philippines forever, soon.
    Thats why, I'd like to ask you the following:
    a) By what means of translating, I will be able to translate in English language the needed documents made in my country, that B.I. requests me? This is because I don't believe that BI can accept my own translating.
    b) Afterwards, what have me to do with them? They need to be autenticated by DFA or what else, before getting them to BI for being processed?

    1. Hello Gerardo, your embassy or your consulate based in the Philippines should be able to provide translation of your documents. To be honest, I have not encountered this before despite my husband's documents which were written in french. Somehow, for as long as there were english texts noted in the documents, sometimes they do accept it, depending on the officer in charge. Otherwise, yes , DFA authentication may be required if translation was done.

    2. Thank you for your answer.
      Now I want to ask you: when the visa becomes permanent, will I have to go to the B.I. to show me or only every 5 years, because of the ACR Card?

    3. The visa during the first year from your date of application is temporary, but this is already a huge step to getting there. On the second year, you'll have to repeat the same process as stated above and then your residence visa becomes permanent and is valid for the next ten years. However you need to show up for your ACR Annual Report at B.I. every Jan-Feb of every year and yes the renewal of your ACR card. All the best!

    4. I thank you so much for your prompt and comprehensive answers.

  28. Hi Arni,

    Great site and great information. I have a question. My wife and I are here now in the Philippines on a baklabayan visa. We got married in the USA . Do I need to do anything with our marriage certificate besides attach a copy of it or does it need to be the original? Would we get back the original ?



    1. Hello Art, I suppose your marriage certificate in the U.S. has been registered in the Philippine Embassy in the U.S. known as Report of Marriage? If yes, then you can request for the certified copies of of your marriage certificate from Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA (formerly known as NSO - National Statistics Office). Once it has been registered there, usually you can order them online. Otherwise, you might have to check with the PSA main office how you can arrange for original copies.

    2. Thanks so much this was a big help. Yes we did do a ROM at the Philippine consulate in Los Angeles.

  29. Hi! I'll be getting my probationary visa soon. I just found out it'll take a year to convert it into a permanent visa. Am I required to stay in the Philippines during this whole process (1 year)? Can I leave the country once I secure my prob visa? Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Hi Bhawana, yes it will take a year to convert it into a permanent visa but the temporary one you have is as good as a permanent one for now. I believe you can leave the country for as long as you have completed the process. Please do verify with BI before doing so. All the best!