December in Manila

Happy New Year everyone!

2016 slipped away. At least that's what it felt like for me.  Imagine you're eating a delicious quiche and at the back of your mind, you know fully well, you have the entire dish to yourself? Then by surprise, there was just one bite left. You stare at that last piece and wonder what happened to the rest.  
I will capture my last few moments of 2016 in photographs having spent it in Manila. This was my last bite of 2016. 

My husband decided to stay behind and celebrate the holidays at home in Cebu. It may have been a long stay vacation with my daughter at the busy capital, but each day was crammed with  tasks and part time work. I would say, there's nothing like celebrating the festive season in the Philippines!

Attended a beautiful wedding at San Antonio de Padua Church in Silang, Cavite
Solo flight in Tagaytay sipping green tea
Captivated by the sunrise at Taal Lake
My daughter's baptism
Baptism at Mary Immaculate Parish
My friend Cielo prepared a lovely dinner at her beautiful apartment
Moscato night with dear friends I met in college
My definition of a perfect girls night. (Ayan, obvious Tita of Manila na)
Cielo  revealed her Ina Garten-like skills that evening
With Tricia and Cielo
T'was my first time to try rhum cake
Santa comes early in the Philippines, that's what I said to my daughter.
Christmas Eve - Wine & Cheese night with Baked Potatoes & Raclette 
Christmas Day Lunch- I made  Ina Garten's Stuffed Roasted Chicken 
Catching up with my artist friend, Tyago Almario after 5 years
Lugaw/ Goto (Rice Porridge) Craving 
She fell asleep during our 2 hour- delayed flight on New Year's Day
Ikea + Coffee = Happiness
Baking day- Chocolate chip cookies that I will be giving away to friends in Argao

How was it for you? How did you celebrate? How did you start the year?

Wishing you joy and all of your heart's desires in 2017!
Love & light,

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  1. Is Johan against baptism?
    Lovely food pics, indeed

    1. Hi Dezzy, he's not really against it having been born Catholic too but he'd rather keep himself away from religious traditions, which I totally respect and understand.
      Hehe, lots of food = happy holidays. :)

  2. Happy new year! I love all the food that you ate during the holidays. I feel like I didn't get my fair share of Christmas cookies :)

    1. Happy New Year to you too Rooth! It's never too late for cookies :)

  3. Frankly, I could only bother about all the good food while scrolling up and down this article. Woow.. Such delicious looking food.If this is what Christmas in Philippines looks like, I m definitely off to Manila during the 2017 Christmas.

    1. Hello Sindhu, Food is definitely a big part of Christmas here in the Philippines, which by the way starts in September. :) So it's pretty hard to miss if you do decide to visit toward the last quarter of the year. :)

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