Hello 2019!

While I'm typing this, I am watching the coconut trees sway and dance in the wind from my window. 2018 pretty much taught me the same thing, how to acclimate.  I learned to stop fighting the current and went with the flow. I learned to accept things as they are. Thus, I finally found my home here in Cebu. Nope not a house (not yet, at least), but a state where I feel connected.  

My daughter feels the same way as well. She now recognizes the difference between a hotel and home.  

Comparison is the thief of joy. I learned how to shift my focus on what I am thankful for.  Nature as my next door neighbor, finding unexpected happiness in simplicity,  the kindness of the people around me, true friends near and far. We have so much to be grateful for.

Dear Reader,

Here are my wishes for you this year.

May you continue to grow and evolve even more in 2019.  

May you find peace and forgiveness for those that caused you pain.  Whatever it is you have gone through, may you find courage to let go of the past, learn and grow from this experience.  

May you be surrounded by support, encouragement and love from those that matter to you and those that sincerely and honestly wish the best for you.  May you have the wisdom to tell which ones these souls are and spend time creating wonderful memories with them. 

May you laugh a lot. May you find humor in the most unexpected time and places. 

May you find your why.  
A friend last night brought up the subject about the fear of jumping into the unknown.  Often times we stay in the confines of security because leaping towards our dream is similar to that of a flying trapeze act.  It is scary.  And so I say this, may you find the courage to jump towards the direction where life is ushering you to go. 

May you always be surrounded by kindness and may you always be blessed to pay it forward.

May you find meaning and purpose- driven happiness in everything that you do.

Most of all, may you always be filled with love in every second.

Happy New Year!
Love & light,

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