Villa Vanilla

Villa Vanilla is a family run guest house with an Indonesian inspired decor from  landscaping to  interiors.   This luxurious bed and breakfast is situated right at the edge of Morne Seychellois National Park at Port Glaud, Mahe, Seychelles.   

It has seven- luxurious  rooms that are all connected by a big open terrace that serves as a dining and living space opening up to an infinity pool.

Dinner service
At night time, the breakfast hall transforms into a romantic candle lit dining area that subtly engages social interaction between the guests. The service is very personalized with attentive crew, always willing to help and with the in-house chef visiting  tables during dinner to ensure the guests are enjoying their meal.

The whole experience is very intimate, perfect for  introverts who would prefer some privacy or those seeking tranquility.

View from the Suite
The suite we stayed in boasts of a 270 degree majestic view of the mountain.  The room is surrounded by a large balcony from all sides with ample seating space for reading, enjoying a drink or laid back entertaining. Rest assured that whichever corner of your space you go, you would expect to be overlooking the gigantic trees that surround the area.  

Interior Decor and Equipment
The furniture comes from Indonesia. The suite is equipped with a free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, a minibar, safe, DVD and a small LCD screen.  The indirect lighting with the wall sconce having a vanilla design and the corner floor lamp add romance to the space at night time.  The interior was carefully thought of and well planned.  

What I love most about it is the view from the toilet and bath outdoors. It has wooden framed  frosted glass window and door that could easily be closed if in need of privacy. 

The photo below is my hub's attempt at photography capturing the beautiful moon at night time.

From this cozy gazebo, you'll discover a great ocean view of Port Glaud and the surrounding countryside down hill. 

Nearest beach and surrounding area
There is a nearby beautiful beach next to Constance Ephelia Resort roughly about a 5-minute drive. Or if you prefer walking, a 25 minute walk to Port Launay Beach.  There may be some steep climbs that are almost vertical on the way back  but that should never be a setback (unless you try it on foot from the main road which the hubs did and he was completely breathless afterwards).  There are free parking spaces for the guests' rental cars.  

Culinary Treats
The breakfast buffet is always a sight to behold. Villa Vanilla offers half board. Their in-house chef, Cedric creates his masterpieces differently every evening, usually traditional Creole cuisine typical of coastal states which he personally serves.  Along side the local dishes are European cuisine as well.

When the villa is fully booked and occupied, they serve dinner in a buffet style.  When there are limited guests, they offer a sit down menu.  

The Bar
There is a bar offering a variety of cocktails, local beer and wine that would greet you from the entrance steps leading to the open African style hall.

The balinese decor can be seen throughout the balconies and the sound of trickling water on the wall fountain sent soothing calm during our stay.

Attractions on Foot
There is a hiking path leading to Port Glaud waterfalls that we have tried very close to this hotel. Unfortunately, it had been raining profusely during our stay so we missed the popular trek at Morne Seychellois National Park due to the slippery slopes. The guides discouraged hiking during this period. So much time was spent sans mobile phone and internet, enjoying nature and the comforting quietness of the forest.


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