Treats for the Self on V Day

How did your Valentine's Day go?  

My husband and I have made it a tradition since, not to celebrate it.  He's a firm believer of love being demonstrated everyday.  I, on the other hand have always been a Valentine's Day fanatic since I was young. It was the date of my Dad's birthday and I just love how people get lovey-dovey every year. 

Without expectations, I have always found a way to celebrate this day in many ways.  As Yohann spent the 14th of February morning in Ras Al Khaimah for the RAK Half Marathon,  I went about my day to treat the self.

What I'm loving this V-Day Weekend:
  • Spice biscuittraditional flat cookie from Switzerland made of honey, hazelnuts, candied peel and Kirsch.I got it as as a sweet goodie present from Irene of Away From Tenerife. I find it heavenly delicious, the kind where each bite gives one a problem-amnesia for a few seconds.I reserve each piece for those special moments when I want to feel good. 

According to Wiki, Lecker means delicious in German.  It surely is.
  • Bite-sized Baked Macaroni with bechamel, tomato sauce and mozzarella topping made by a dear friend. They're throwing me a baby shower next weekend and this is a taste trial of what they're serving next week. 
Bite sized treats and a full English breakfast
  • A Breakfast Date with the self for a yummy English Breakfast before going grocery shopping.
  • Late mid-afternoon Lunch Date at home with friends and their partners. I made Chicken a La King on Pate Brisee.  Click here for the recipe.  
Chicken a La King Pie /  Fresh White Roses
  • I bought myself a bouquet of White Roses from the floral section of Spinneys. 

Ciaté® Love Me Oil - Cranberry Cuticle Oil Nail Treatment
  • DIY Nail pampering with this Love Me Oil by Ciaté. I love the scent and how my nails feel nourished especially in Dubai's current cold and dry weather.

  • My favorite 1837 TWG Signature Black Tea. I first tried it here and loved it since. 

How was your V- Day weekend? What did you do?
Wishing you all a lovely week!

Love & light,

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  1. What a fantastic weekend Arni. Enjoy it to the fullest.

  2. OK where can I subscribe myself to such presents too :) I don't know what I like better - that Spice biscuit, those white roses, that macaroni treat or my absolute fave black tea!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. My husband calls it the Hallmark Holiday, but the romantic in me enjoys a little extra pampering!

  4. I love a few treats on Valentine's Day especially chocolates which I received this year. The teas from TWG are so good and I just clicked on your link and noticed you gave me a mention - thank you! I think I must have somehoe missed that post!

  5. Looks like a very tasty Valentine's Day. Love the white roses your treated yourself to. They're gorgeous!

  6. What an amazing way to 'celebrate' Valentines Day. We don't celebrate it in our home either, but try to make each day special. I saw so many people going to the florist on the 14th and I just felt sad, and hoped that they did those things or made their loved ones know how they felt everyday. I'm sure they do. And let me just say, I'm loving the idea of the bite-sized macaroni!

  7. The bite sized macaroni looks heavvveeenly - nommm

  8. Bite sized macaroni looks terrific and what a great dish to serve at a baby shower!

  9. i love how this is a treat to self on v day! never thought about that!

  10. Lovely photos and sentiments my dear! Being good to yourself is very important I think....regular treats are our right :) I like the look of the nail oil. I think I would like to try this too!

  11. It's been a long time since I had a day of pampering myself and what a perfect day to do it on. Valentine's day is a bit like New Years in our house, we hyped it up so much and then when the day comes around, it always falls a bit flat. I might try your method of spoiling myself next year.

  12. We had a low key Valentine's Day and just spent time together, with nothing particular planned or done. It was the first Valentines in 5 or so years where we were together to celebrate it together, and it could have been a big momentous day, but just being with him made it a great day.

    Loved your post and sentiments!

  13. The white roses are beautiful!

    My boyfriend & I just went out for dinner :)

  14. You just inspired me to do a breakfast date with self. PS I love that you two are able to define these holidays for yourself.


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