Travel Recap: Are We Sweet Enough for Sucre

After a long absence in the blog world, I finally gained some time to write. I was discussing Bolivia with a colleague last Wednesday evening after work and I realized, I haven't shared Sucre here yet. Here it is:

Bolivia's most beautiful and elegant city. It was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1991. Architecturally speaking, it's a city that Bolivia can be proud of. The whitewashed colonial buildings and naturally landscaped patios really surprised us. The charming courtyard restaurants and sleepy bistros during daytime reveal traces of how lively this city could get after hours. It lies serenely on a valley surrounded by mountains with a mild climate.

Our bus from  Uyuni. arrived in Sucre mid- morning. Without a shower (oh, no make-up), stomachs growling for breakfast, we immediately visited the Sucre's town square, Plaza de ArmasWe took a taxi from the bus terminal to get to the town centre. Way finding is easy around Sucre due to the grid planning of the city.

Left: Museo at Calle Argentina / Plaza de Armas
Plaza 25 de Mayo, Sucre
Casa de la Libertad, historical site where Bolivia's declaration of independence was signed.
The colonial buildings and university town is focused on learning
We skipped breakfast and had lunch instead!
Quaint patio restaurant  /   I had this all to myself (just kidding)
There are lots of quality restaurants around town and you can spend the day just lazing around coffee shops.

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Happy weekend!
Love & light,

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  1. Beautiful photos, Arni! Sucre seems a beautiful and relaxed city and it slightly reminds me of some places in Tenerife, especially the photo of the museum at Calle Argentina. After all, both of them were Spanish colonial cities, so I guess they did pretty much the same in every colony.

    That huge pizza looks delicious! But I would have shared as well, it is enormous!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Lovely pics and that Bolivian lunch seems delish :) I love cities situated in valleys!

  3. All this colonial style architecture is so attractive and your salad for lunch looks like the perfect choice as it looks so fresh and appetising too. I love pizza but can only manage a few slices as it's so filling. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for your lovely comments.

  4. Gorgeous photos. These buildings look lovely. It's always so interesting to see architecture from different parts of the world.

  5. Bolivia looks lovely! The food looks good, too!

  6. First, I love the name, Sucre. Second, it is indeed beautiful. I have always been fascinated of places that seem to have been trapped in time. Even that resto looked lovely.

  7. i love the architecture. so lovely.