Travel Recap: Mont Saint-Michel

We drove for hours in the summer of 2010, from the region of Pays de la Loire  for a week long road trip around Northern France and its neighboring countries up north. As we explored the Celtic region of French Brittany, it'll be a sin to pass up an opportunity to visit Mont Saint-Michel .

A popular medieval abbey and monastery. 4 hours away from Paris. It is nestled on a fortified island bordering Brittany and Normandy. A UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the first monuments to obtain one.

Causeway car park
The island is 600 metres away from the main land and can be accessed through the causeway connection. When the sea levels rise during high tide, the surrounding land that you see on the photos are covered.  We were lucky to visit the island on a low tide hence, we were able to park the car at the causeway parking.  

The Bay at low tide

The walled monastery and abbey is best explored on foot. We spent half the day here but if you are keen to see the interior of the abbey, reserve a full day for the long queues and leisurely stroll to ensure you make the most out of every nook and corner of this historical gem.

Pay close attention to the visiting schedules here, the opening hours of the monument depend on the tidal conditions.

Is this a site you might be interested of visiting?
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  1. I spy a creperie amidst the beautiful scenery :)

  2. love that first picture. it's amazing how you have seen all these beautiful place around the world. your heart must be full!

  3. Oh my gosh, that first picture is seriously just breathtaking! It's just gorgeous!

  4. I've never heard of this place before, but it looks like a dream!


  5. Your fabulous photos brought back such happy and distant memories of my first visit here when I was just eleven years old on a school trip. We spent a few days in Paris and then stayed in Saint Malo. Mont St Michel was one of the highlights.

  6. such a dreamy, out of this world place! And you and your hubs are so gorgeous too :)

  7. I've stumbledupon a photo of this place before and I've always thought it looked gorgeous. Needless to say I am so envious of you, I wish I could go there someday. Your photos had me more convinced that it's lovely.

  8. I visited this place the last time I was in France. It was unbelievable how many people wandered out in low tide and needed to be rescued!

  9. I would love to visit this as it is very similar to St Michael's Mount in Mounts Bay, Cornwall! I love places like this and find I could just wander around for ages. Wonderful!

  10. I just booked my trip to France in July so it's lovely to read about your experiences.

    Krissie x -

  11. Surely someone has filmed a movie here. It is intriguing beyond words.

  12. You know I had this castle as my screensaver for so long and always wondered where it was until my husband pointed out that he had in fact visited it as a child. It's breathtaking!


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