Baby Shower

This week had been an avalanche of deadlines. One after the other, as though foreseen, I'm pleased that the baby shower took place a few weeks ago when I was more up and able. Dear friends, Shela and Joy whose baby showers were featured here, threw me a heartwarming party. Here are the photos..

One Friday afternoon at 3PM, after all the decorations are set, I was excited and happy to witness the combined efforts of all of our friends and my creative uncle pulled together. With Shela's event planning creativity and expertise, Joy's handiwork, Lito's photography skills, Wrap and May's culinary prowess, we were able to pull off a DIY party.

E-vite created by Shela / Party Favors : Custom Teddy Bear Cookie and TWG Tea
To Dubaians, there are limited services for baby shower gift registry in the UAE.  Good news, major branches of Mothercare offer them and we chose the huge store inside Debenhams at Mall of the Emirates.

Bubblies and Pink Lemonade / Fruit platter fondue / Prizes for the games
{Photos by Lito Flestado}

The dining table was moved and adorned with white and neutral toned lanterns. The decor here was to signify our organized and predictable life.  We got the french macaron tower from French Baker. They can deliver it to your home on the day when ordered in advance.

The living area, in contrast, was full of colorful balloons and trimmings to signify the colorful and happy chaos that a child will bring into our lives.

The guests came.. Since we don't know the gender yet and will wait til the end to find out, the hosts requested the guests to guess. 

Those wearing pink think it's a girl.

Those wearing blue think it's a boy.

It wasn't a quiet party for sure.  The kids were entertained in the other room while the hosts organized games for adults.  They sold baby bingo cards to create a newborn diaper fund and while both hosts worked for designer brands, they prepared interesting prizes to be won.

Games..It was hilarious to see the competitive side of each guest in action.

Grouped into two teams, to race,  changing diaper that ends in a swaddle.
5 diapers with different type of chocolate. Dare you to taste it and guess. 
For the men. The balloon whose size closely resembles the preggy belly wins.
Now let's see if they can tie their shoelaces.

I definitely had a great time and completely grateful for everyone who made this happen. 
I hope once my maternity leave starts (prior to delivery) I'll be able to blog more.  

Check out a guest post about Lovers' Secret Codes by Jane of  Always With Yoo  here
For now, I wish you all a lovely weekend!
Love & light,

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  1. oh, my, Arnie, that baby shower of yours looks so lovely and sweet! And your friends are such gorgeous people!

  2. I have never been to a baby shower, I don't think it is customary for people to have a baby shower in Spain. And I think it's a pity because it is such a nice idea!
    The photos pf your baby shower are just lovely and everyone seem so cheerful! How funny that people dress according to their guesses ... and you're wearing blue (and white). I'm very curious about it, but above all I hope you're doing fine and that you're baby will be healthy and beautiful :)

    Have a lovely weekend, Arni! (Hugs)

  3. wow, wonderful idea! everything looks so nice and cute!
    love it.
    happy weekend to you!
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  4. That party looks awesome-- you have two amazing friends to thank for that :) The food looks delish and the decorations are too cute. I love the teddy bear cookies!


  5. This looks like it was such a fun and delicious baby shower. The decor is lovely!

  6. so fun and sweet! i love how the guests came dressed in color to guess the baby's gender :) this is such a lovely shower! so beautiful!

  7. This is so very sweet!!! I love all the games.

  8. Oh my goodness this looks so sweet. You look wonderful as well and I can't wait to meet baby

  9. What a fun baby shower and I like all the attention to detail. The cupcakes and the macaron tower in particular have caught my eye. I'm sure they tasted as good as they looked. The guests wearing pink, blue or white is a clever idea too! An exciting time for you.

  10. what a beautiful baby shower!! Love that macaron tower and how guests came dressed in different colours depending on what they guessed the baby's gender to be. And many congrats to you too!!!

  11. Love all the photos! What a sweet day you had! This post makes me want to be pregnant more than ever! haha!


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