10 Ways How to Learn a New Language in Bed

Idle times are replaced by language learning. Why? For many reasons; my objectives are to communicate with others better, to show respect, to make the most out of travels, to engage my baby in new languages and... the list goes on. However, a deep desire to learning your target language is required.

So, how can I learn a new language without getting out of bed?  Here are simple tried and tested tips that worked out for me so far.

# 1  Watch movies
Watching foreign movies with foreign subtitles will help you get acquainted with the sentence structure while building up grammar as you associate each scene with what you hear.

# 2  Switch the language of your Facebook, other networking sites and your phone to the language you wish to learn.

I got lost at first but finally managed to familiarize myself and work around it.

# 3  Listen to music
The upside to internet is having foreign online radio.  Listening to the DJ, radio commercials and music in a foreign language is a sure way of learning new words.  You'll be surprised at how you'll find yourself singing to the tunes in no time. Unfortunately, Spotify is blocked in the UAE.  If it's available in your country, go ahead and immerse yourself in foreign songs. 

# 4  Download Duolingo.  
If you want a free app on your phone, Duolingo is amazing! Duolingo is free and is similar to Rosetta Stone. It can also be addictive. 

# 5  Read your favorite novels in your target language.
With the dictionary as your bedside companion, reading Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Grey (Ha!) if you please will definitely strengthen your foreign vocab. Better yet, if you're feeling courageous, read the  novels in their original languages.

# 6  Watch TV 
Imagine all the vocabulary you'll absorb while watching foreign TV programs that broadcast in the language you crave to learn.

# 7  Read an article written in your target language in a newspaper, magazine or a foreign website at least once a day 

# 8 Get tutoring via Italki 

# 9  Post-its! Label each item in the house with the word translation on post-its.

# 10  Skype with a friend who can converse in a foreign language with you.

Any other tip you wish to share that worked really well for you?
Thank you so much for your messages in my previous post. :)
Happy Learning!
Love & light,

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  1. You always come up with great tips :) I think it's great that you want to expose your child to other languages as well. It's a great way to grow up as a global child :)

    1. I hope she does. I'm currently confusing her with 3 languages. I should stick to my native tongue first and leave french to my husband. I intend to continue learning french so I can converse with her easily when she gets older.

  2. Great tips! If I ever go back to Paris, I'm learning some French first. I may not become multilingual, but I'll at least know the key phrases I need to go around. I kept saying "gracias," which just confused everyone!

    1. That made me suddenly daydream of ordering a cup of coffee in a Parisian Cafe like a local.

  3. if you and hubs speak to your baby in two different languages she will grow up to be bilingual without any learning effort :)

    1. That's so true. We'll keep doing it and let's see how it goes :)

    2. but the important thing is that you and hubs have to keep to your respective languages, you can't use his, or he yours in front of her. No mixing.

  4. I tried learning French but I wasn't able to continue simply because I've no one to talk to in that language :)) I might follow some of your tips here, maybe I could really learn the language on my own.

    1. I agree, it helps a lot to have someone to practice french with. For now, I also have to rely on the app so that I don't forget the language.

  5. These are great tips. I've always enjoyed learning languages and I often watch French films on the plane. Reading magazines I find is a good way to pick up everyday, colloquial language and often easier than a novel. I must download the Duolingo app. Thanks for mentioning it.

    1. I share the same pleasure of watching french films on board.


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