Saving Tip: Baby Vaccines in the UAE

Do you know babies born in the UAE have access to free vaccination? Yes, well almost.  Great, right? I just spent this morning applying for a Dubai Health Card for my baby.

Toothless grin reaction to free vaccines :)
Where can this be applied?
There are 3 government hospitals that process health cards:
  1. Latifa Hospital (Al Wasl Hospital)
  2. Rashid Hospital
  3. Dubai Hospital
What do I need to bring?
Please prepare a photocopy of each document to be presented along with the original :
  1. Baby's birth certificate
  2. Tenancy Contract
  3. Father and Mother's Passport and Visa Page
  4. Baby's Passport and Visa Page
  5. Baby's Passport Photograph
**I was advised by the call center before I went to the hospital to bring the baby vaccination book  but the hospital didn't really check it.  The hospital staff however asked me for the baby's Emirates ID which I haven't applied for yet. 

How much is it?
There is an annual fee of AED 110. 

Once I receive the health card, which hospital should I go to for vaccines?
There is a designated hospital nearest to where the applicants reside. The hospital staff will advise you which hospital to go to. It is Al Barsha Hospital for us. There is a need to book appointments in advance for the vaccinations. 

A complete set of 18-month worth of vaccines in a private hospital normally costs AED 920+. Some private hospitals charge AED 550+ per visit since vaccinations are usually not covered by private medical insurance.   So imagine, the savings there. 

I went to Latifa Hospital first.  Their card machine was not working this morning so they gave me a temporary ID.  I immediately went straight to Rashid Hospital  to obtain a permanent Health Card (and to get it over with). I'm glad I did, it was done in a few minutes. 

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  1. Love the toothless grin! Adorable!

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  3. So cute and growing so quickly!

  4. Love your informative posts! That little toothless grin - what a heart melter!

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