Afternoon Walks

A month's absence and I'm back!  Late nights and deadlines are now temporarily put on hold as my job title changes. Today, I am now officially a stay at home Mum. 

I've been enjoying afternoon walks with my 3 and a half month old daughter on weekends. Here are some of our discoveries around the neighborhood. 

The scent of le frangipanier  lingers in the air. Colorful blooms thrive in the strong desert heat. A quiet beauty that may go unnoticed, but a short pause from time to time to admire the beauty around us is uplifting.  My daughter seems to notice it too. Whatever temperament she may be in indoors, she always goes calmly silent during these walks.

I wish you all a reflective Sunday!
Love & light,

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  1. such stunning neighbourhood you have, Arni

  2. Welcome back! I'm sure you will enjoy your new 'job' as a full-time mum. Your neighbourhood looks so calm and colourful. Whenever we visit Dubai I'm always amazed by the lush green lawns and the pretty floral displays dotted around the city. Thank you so much for your comments on my Singapore posts. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

  3. What a beautiful place you live in, Arni! You are very lucky!!!

  4. Beautiful photos, Arni! The flowers are indeed lovely!
    I cant believe your little daughter is already three and a half months, time flies! And are you going back to work soon? That's really short for a maternity leave :(

    Have a lovely week!

  5. How beautiful! It's weird but I can almost feel the heat through the pictures. Just that slight heat haze. Can't believe bub is 3 and a half months old!!! Hope you enjoy your new job - I'm told it's the most rewarding of them all.

  6. I love taking walks with Piri and Yangkyu but even sometimes alone. Even on the same path I seem to always find something new. Congratulations on the new chapter of your life!

  7. Looks like you're doing great in your "new job". I can just imagine you and your daughter taking this walk.