Coron Westown Resort

Along Coron Busuanga Highway before reaching town, Coron Westown Resort Hotel proudly sits atop a hill.The kind that will draw your attention while driving along a tree lined road. This quietly elegant and inadvertently imposing structure welcomes us after an hour flight from Manila.

Coron Westown Resort Hotel
My husband and I went for a post-baby honeymoon getaway.  We agreed to treat ourselves. This served as our late birthday gifts by booking  four days and three nights in this resort haven.  

Yes, we booked everything in advance (which we rarely do, I know). 

My family in Manila were pleased to babysit my baby while we were away and this alone time as a couple did us a lot of good. 

I'm not quite sure how many stars there are in this hotel. The architecture is well-maintained despite the rough wear and tear of buildings in the Philippines, not to mention the strong typhoon that hit this island last year which you might have read here.

Pool Area and Bar
Pool Area
There are approximately 80 guest rooms equipped with 3 swimming pools, an all day dining restaurant, a gym, a spa with massage rooms that can be used by guests should they book for an appointment. There was a wedding at the ballroom that weekend and we spent a lot of our evenings at the bar at the pool area.  

A welcome drink greeted us when we checked in.  The staff were nice and friendly.  Daily breakfasts served typical Filipino breakfasts that slightly changes everyday. We had the opportunity to try some of their a la Carte meals at the restaurant one evening and they're okay.  We had pizza, burger and lechon kawali, pan roasted pork dish for dinner.

The SOB (Sex on the Beach) drink is a must-try at the bar.

Interesting Spaces and corners
View from the Lift Lobby
On a sunny and humid afternoon
Premium Room
View from the Balcony
Being in the hospitality interior design industry, I took a lot more photos than I posted here.  The rooms were spacious enough with 32" TV with satellite channels and safe. There were interesting spaces throughout the hotel with a landscaped atrium to replace typical long enclosed corridors towards the rooms. Water was abundant and rooms were comfortable and clean. However, the pools should be cleaned more regularly and thoroughly.

Overall, we had a great time here and it was a warm home on the island during our stay. 

Is it a place you fancy staying in for a few days?
What's an important factor for you when choosing a hotel?

Love & light,

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  1. it looks really lovely!
    I've never been to a hotel in my life....

  2. It looks gorgeous and like a good get-away. Location is so utterly important when choosing a hotel as typically I don't end up spending all of my time there

  3. glad you and your husband got to steal away for a few days! :)


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