Travel Recap: Maison du Fromage

A stop over at Les Burons de Salers on the Cantal Mountains in France is a delight to see for a cheese lover.   Men built these "burons",  mountain chalets on the plateaus for cheese making. The House of the Salers cheese has become one of the most visited sites for cheese tasting and cheese making expositions.

They have an outdoor restaurant with a majestic view of the mountains under the shade of trees and umbrellas offering a "Buronnier's meal" and "Truffade" (I have to make this dish one day) in July and August. Truffade is a traditional Auvergne  dish made of shredded potatoes and bacon with Gruyere and Cantal cheese. It's almost like a mashed potato, but the potatoes are fried first and the consistency is thick similar to a pancake.   It's definitely a guilty pleasure. 

The site is open from 10AM - 7 PM everyday during the months of April - September. Entry fee for the guided tour is Eur 5 per adult.  For more information and contact details click here

I'm up for wine and cheese anytime. 
Do you like cheese? Which cheese is your favorite?

Once all is well with the slow internet connection, I will post about our trip around the island soon.

Love & light,

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  1. That is a really interesting looking building with the stone on the roof! I like cheese. One I've been enjoying is a honey goat cheese. It's perfect on crackers.