Une Belle Maison

Since it's Throw back Thursday, here is a sneak peak of a life in France in the summer. During a leisurely walkthe interesting texture of this wall captures one's attention. The play of various materials with a contrasting wooden shutter result to a recently renovated charming house in the french countryside.

Extensions were made on the left and right side of the original structure using locally available materials. It may be a traditional home or a modern abode, I'm always up for checking out home improvements.

Wishing you a week full of beauty.
My prayers and good wishes to France.
Love & light,

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  1. What a cute little building. My heart is with all the people of France today

  2. Those flowers are so charming. My husband and I can't wait for spring to roll around so we can plant our veggies and flowers and other plants and greens. :)

  3. I wonder if it is all modern inside?

  4. That looks like such a lovely place. I'd like to see the inside, too!

  5. What a lovely and charming house!