Playing with Landscape

Sorry, my phone cannot connect to the internet and the weirdest thing was two draft posts I've published went missing. I will write about island hopping experiences when I am able to get my phone to work. In the meantime, here's a recent project that I completed for the love of doing it.

When I came back, I was asked to offer a concept design for a playground in the community where I grew up. I was approached by a neighbor and after declining had a surprise visit from the community president (who I can't say no to). A neglected parcel of land will be put into good use to have an area for kids to play and families to bond. There will be a contemporary designed pergola with picnic tables and  barbecue pits. The committee will propose this layout to the mayor for funding. I declined at first because I really don't do landscape design. I was also hesitant because I only had two days in Manila; 1) to spend time with my baby and 2) finalize meetings with the architect before my husband and I travel again.

I sat on the table this morning and started sketching this while my Mom looked after my baby. I finished it and you're the first to see this. Ha,..this is pro bono work as a way of giving back to the community.  I do hope they are granted their budget to be able to execute this. 

Catch up with you soon.
Love & light,

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  1. such a lovely park it will be, Arni, and you will be proud of yourself when it turns into reality. I myself love drawing garden sketches too

  2. What a great design! I think the gazebo will be a really nice feature.

  3. Looks gorgeous! I love the outdoor lamps.

  4. How lovely, you're going to have to share with us if they move forward with this

  5. Wow, that's a beautiful project! You're so talented :) Hopefully the community will be granted the budget to carry out the construction of those gardens.

    Btw, it sucks when your drafts disappear ... maybe they will be back sometime. I've never been a fan of mobile blogging, not even from my iPad as I cannot format anything correctly. But maybe I'm just too silly to figure out how to do it!