Travel Recap: Rice Terraces of Batad

Stepped rice paddies as a honeymoon destination? Why not? Well, it was ours. After our wedding 9 years ago, we took the entire family with us for a trip to the rice terraces of Banaue. One week spent in this tranquil landscape , hiking and exploring made my family and in-laws happy.

There are many rice terraces that can be found in Banaue. Batad is my favorite.

This was my second time here and it was as memorable as the first. It is one of those places that never loses its charm no matter how many times you decide to visit.  A lot fled to hide in this village during WWII and it was said to have remained safe and hidden against oppressors at that time. Even today, it can only be reached on foot after a 2-hour treacherous hike along forests and ravines. 

As we hiked for another hour to get to the waterfalls, it started raining hard
I almost fell off this cliff during my first visit

 I will definitely visit again someday.
Will you consider the rice terraces as a honeymoon destination?

Love & light,

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  1. it is so mindblowingly gorgeous! All that green is so soothing! Such a dream place you live in!

  2. Such a beautiful place. I've been to the rice terraces once when I was a kid, I'd like to come back to see those amazing sights.

  3. That's so picturesque and a lovely honeymoon spot - it looks so tranquil there

  4. I totally agree that this is the best rice terraces in the Cordillera region. I will never forget Batad not only for its beauty but because it's the most physically taxing adventure I've ever had in my life. Every inch of my body ached after the trek to the village. But the pain was of course, worth it. To answer your question, I probably wouldn't consider it as a honeymoon destination because I don't think I will have the strength to do the deed if my body is hurting all over the place hahaha...

  5. It is SO green. I can't believe how vivid the colors are! It seems like a gorgeous honeymoon locale.

  6. Your pictures are amazing and so are the landscapes. Now I can't wait to visit. Have a lovely weekend.