Mayo & Mustard Hunting from a Condiments Enthusiast


Expats and Re-pats will inevitably encounter this experience one way or another. While scanning the grocery aisles while settling down and nesting in your new home, you experience a wave of homesickness, longing for the products that you have grown accustomed to from your home country or from the place you've stayed in for a long time. 

When I came back to the Philippines, having lived abroad for more than a decade, I've realised my palate has changed as well.  Everything that I was used to growing up suddenly tasted too sweet. I never really fancied mayonnaise before leaving my home country, so when I tried the French mayo for the first time, I saw mayonnaise in a new light and fell in love with it. 

Though it took a long time for my husband to convince me which mustard is better since I have been an advocate of the American yellow mustard, while he proudly defended his authentic Dijon,  I eventually caved in and developed the taste buds for Moutarde de Dijon. (Though I still like my yellow mustard in a hotdog sandwich - yum!)

So here we were, looking for the product we were used to and the search turned to a treasure hunt of some form.  I'd like to share with you our finds to save you the trouble if you're also looking for them and if in case you'd like to try something new, I would be very happy to know if you get to like them to. (Haha, this means more demand for them and our shelves here will be stocked).

Mustard Hunt

First Dijon Mustard Attempt

During our first month, we tried this particular brand and we were disappointed. There was a tiny hint of a 'dijon' taste but it's nowhere near the real thing. Save yourself the trouble and money if you're looking for the Amora and Maille taste.

I started browsing through different branches from  Paranaque to Makati City and after 2 months of search, I finally found the Casino Brand at Rustan's Supermarket in Ayala Center! I was flabbergasted to find Waitrose and other international brands next to it too. 

Rustan's Supermarket in Makati City
I literally hugged this  small jar when I found it!  Php 135 for 200g small jar

We were also happy to discover TESCO brand in SM Supermarkets as well as their growing international items but what surprised us after 3 months of searching for Maille or Amora Authentic Dijon was when we came across these Maille jars sitting quitely on the shelves while accidentally shopping in SM Supermarket in Makati City yesterday. Not to mention they have the "FORTE" meaning strong version.  One small taste and it will run through your nose and will make you sneeze. 

Available in SM Makati for Php 376.50 per Big jar of 800ml

Mayonnaise Hunt

Still looking for this one in the Philippines

My sister got this for me from Shanghai in an online supermarket site that delivers anywhere in China. With the holiday season coming, she brought it with her as a surprise gift. She knows we have been searching far and wide for this particular mayonnaise without much success yet. I haven't spotted this one in the Philippines so far.  If you do have any idea where we can find this here in Manila, please please share the location here. 

Happy hunting!
Love & light,

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  1. How did she bring it all the way from China without it getting spoiled? :)
    I adore me mayo, it is probably the only unhealthy thing I always have in my fridge. But I don't like it when it is too sour, some international brands put too much vinegar in it.

    1. Haha,yes surprisingly the 3 jars of mayonnaise arrived safe and sound. They were amazingly packed and my sister's so happy with the online supermarket delivery because they are able to enjoy authentic products from Europe delivered to them door to door at a very reasonable price. Oh yes, the best mayo are the homemade ones made with freshly beaten egg with the right amount of oil and vinegar. I want to try making my own one day especially when we move to a remote village somewhere without access to these products. Here in the Philippines, mayonnaise is sweet.

  2. I don't pretend to know exactly what you're feeling but I think I know the feeling just a wee bit. When I went to Vietnam and Cambodia recently, I truly missed pinoy food hahaha...

    I didn't know our mayonnaise is too sweet. Now I want to try that Lesieur mayonnaise just to know what you mean.

  3. Your trip to Cambodia and Vietnam sounds exciting. I would love to hear your feedback about Lesieur Mayo after trying it. My sister just recently tried it and is now interested in buying one. 😊

  4. I am such a mayo fan. My American favorite is mayo made with olive oil. I can imagine how hard these things are to find in other countries!

    <3 Have Ashley, Will Travel

    1. The olive oil mayo sounds yummy. I'll check if I can find some here.

  5. Unfortunately most Casino products have disappeared except for a few useless ones, like the biscuits. Rustan's used to carry the Amora mustard and Belle France mayo. Now aside from the large jar of Maille mustard that you featured, it's possible to find mustard and mayo in Santis Delicatessen shops. Comparatively in terms of weight, the mustard is more expensive that the Maille found in SM but they do have also mustard and mayo in tube. I like the Tomy mayo. As substitutes,although different, I ude the Japanese or Korean mayo.

    1. I agree, the Casino range has diminished since, except for a few biscuits and cans. The last time I checked, SM Makati didn't have Maille anymore. I looked for it in various SMs and found jars from Bicutan at the international section last December. I bought plenty and shipped them to Cebu. There aren't any Dijon Mustard here in Cebu City. Tomy sounds interesting. A friend found one in a supermarket in Tagbilaran, Bohol. I haven't tried the Japanese or Korean mayo yet. I should give it a try.