Road Trip to South of Cebu

Rental Car? Check.  Fuel?  Check.  Baby Car Seat?  Check.

We are on our second road trip to South of Cebu as I am typing this. A continuation of our journey. The first one was a 7- day road trip  a month ago.   On the fifth day of our expedition, I suffered a dental implant abscess. This cut our trip short as I needed to head back to Manila for an emergency drainage. (I know, too much information :))

On our first South Cebu Road Trip, we rented a car via Cebu Easy Rental for 9k a week and drove down from Cebu City for 2 and a half hours to stay in Argao, our first rest stop. 

Our destinations: Argao - Dalaguete - Oslob - Santander - Badian - Allegria - Moalboal - back to Argao

Cheaper Mode of Transport

You can also travel by bus at Cebu South Terminal going south towards Oslob. Ceres bus is a popular bus line traveling this route. I believe taking buses is the most practical way for a solo backpacker or couples traveling together.

In fact, you can travel the whole loop and see all of the sights in three days. 

A  couple we met staying in Argao did the full loop by bus in one day. They stopped at certain points for the activities- whale shark watching and Kawasan falls on their first day and continued with the bus that dropped them back to Argao. They arrived back in the hotel just in time for late dinner. They hiked the Osmena Peak trail the next morning and took the bus back to Cebu City that afternoon. 

For big groups of 10, there are organized van excursions that will take you throughout all of the sites including Sumilon Island, Oslob whale shark spotting , Badian Canyoneering, Kawasan Falls, Osmena Peak including Kalanggaman Island for Php 7500 per person including food, transport and accommodations with pick-up from Cebu City (Air fare excluded). My brother and his friends have booked this group tour for themselves.

Slow Travel

A road trip for 7 days is meant for slow travel.  The kind where you keep driving to explore off beaten paths. The kind where you can linger longer at a beach side restaurant to enjoy conversations with foreign volunteers helping local kids. Those moments when you stumble upon a captivating stream in the middle of nowhere while searching for a tourist attraction recommended by locals.

Book a rental car in advance which costs about Php9k a week via Cebu Easy Rent A Car. It can also be priced on a daily basis. Just bring 2 valid IDs, a copy of your house bill, security deposit of Php3K, a delivery fee of Php 300 for easy pick up and delivery of the car at your hotel or at the airport. They'd often request for your details via sms prior to booking. We hired their services twice and both experiences were excellent.  We drove their manual Kia Picanto and it was functional enough for us. 

Contact: Cebu Easy Rent A Car

First Day: St. Michael Parish Church, Argao Poblacion
Second Day: Hills of Dalaguete 
Second Day: The priceless view from Bodo's Bar & Restaurant in Alcoy
Second Day: Lunch at Bodo's Bar & Restaurant in Alcoy
Second Day: A Drive to Mantalongon overlooking the vegetable farms en route to Osmena Peak Trail
Third Day: Oslob: Some parts reminded me of Europe especially during late afternoon strolls.
Third Day: Church of the Immaculate Conception in Oslob
Third Day: Oslob Heritage Park
Fourth Day:  Aguinid Falls
Our road trip itinerary ended up this way:

First Day -      Drive from Cebu City to Argao
Second Day-  Argao Sightseeing Flight, Lunch at Bodo's in Alcoy, Dalaguete Drive to Mantalongon
Third Day -    B&B Check out,  Drive to Oslob, Heritage Park Oslob, Overnight Stay in Oslob
Fourth Day -   Check out, Drive to Santander, Aguinid Falls Climb, Lunch at Sun Xi Beach Club in Allegria, Drive along Badian all the way to Moalboal. Check in at Moalboal Beach Resort.
Fifth Day -     Drive around Moalboal. Crossed the mountains via the scenic Ronda Road all the way back to Argao
Sixth Day -    Lingered and stayed in Argao
Seventh Day - Drive back to Cebu City

Since we will be based in the South of Cebu for quite a long time, we are not rushing to see places. You will definitely expect a lot of posts coming up featuring sites here.

Here's a short film of Things to Do in  South Cebu. 

Have a great week everyone!
Love & light,

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  1. I hope they don't have tropical storms in that part

    1. I am afraid it's something we can't avoid anywhere in the Philippines. Yearly, there is monsoon season. However this island is surrounded by other islands that block and serve as shield from big stuff coming from the Pacific.

  2. I am really excited to move in this house and lot for sale in Cebu and visit these places. I love Cebu the first time I visit it in 2002.

    1. All the best to your move. So far, we are happy and we like living here.

  3. This is a wonderful website - you are an exceptional writer! Thanks so much for sharing!


  4. Hi!! We are from Spain!! We were planning to rent a car and drive from Cebu to Oslob.. do you know how much time could it take? Because on our way back we need to catch a flight... best

    1. Hi Mar Aida, it takes 3 1/2 hours from Cebu City to Oslob provided there's no traffic usually after 2pm it starts building up. Allow another 45 minutes from SRP to Mactan Airport.