Fly a Gyro Cebu Adventure

Planning a trip to South Cebu?

Why not include one of the latest activities to your program?

Ride a Gyrocopter with an experienced and licensed pilot who will take you to the skies to enjoy the beauty of South Cebu while riding an open cockpit aircraft.

My pilot husband invited me to go for a flight one sunny Sunday afternoon.

You see, I have a fear of heights.  This is my way of dealing with my fear, by getting myself into height defying activities such as skydiving, parasailing, zip lines and the like.  I had to swallow the ball of anxiety in my chest and said yes.

However, learning more about this machine and its safety is reassuring. The quickened pulse of anxiety before take off is normal but the fear disappeared as soon as I left the ground. The beauty of the south below me is such a powerful distraction and a life changing one at that.

gyrocopter (pronounced "dʒaɪroʊˌkɑptər") is an ultra light aircraft. This particular model, MTO Sport, made by Auto Gyro based in Germany, fits a pilot and only one passenger.

As you can see, it is open. It has a total weight limit of 500 kilos all inclusive of the aircraft, both pilot and passenger and the gasoline. It runs on unleaded gasoline, just like a normal car.

The pilot sits in front while the passenger takes the rear seat.

Unlike a helicopter, a gyrocopter can't just land anywhere. A runway with a  minimum distance of 200 meters is required in order to take off. The engine at the back propels it forward and its auto rotating rotor lifts it.

Pre-flight checks

It is considered safe because when the engine stops mid-air, the rotor will continue to rotate. You can safely glide to a suitable place to land. Roughly, a clear area with less than 30 meters length is enough for landing.

Proper gyrocopter flight training and a good number of flying hours are required to fly this machine just like any other ulta light aircraft. My husband trained and earned his flying license in France.  

Here's an excellent video made by JamCam TV during his gyrocopter flight:

Want to see more captivating sights around the area? Here goes:

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At one point, the pilot turned off the engine mid-air to demonstrate how secure this machine is. We glided in the air for several seconds until he turned the engine back on again. What a feeling!

Wearing a helmet with a built-in headset, I was in constant communication with the pilot throughout the flight. His calm and forthcoming instructions of what we were about to get into while we were up in the air made me enjoy the flight and the scenery even more.

What to wear?
Sun protection. Sunglasses. Something comfy.  Girls need to tie their hair, ideally into a low bun.

Safety First.
Taking photographs was a challenge. Imagine taking pictures inside a wind tunnel.  You'll have to secure your phone. Selfie sticks not longer than 40 cm (18 inches) please.

There is a weight limit. Passenger should not exceed 115 kg.

Gyrocopter Flights are booked in advance.

Instagram @flyagyrocebu  #flyagyrocebu
Contact: 0977 1952124

It starts at a 10-minute flight.  One passenger at a time. Longer flights are available as well.  There will be a pre-flight safety briefing. If you're flying for 10 to 15 minutes, the duration of this activity is roughly around 30 minutes per person.

How to Get There?
Major airlines fly to Mactan, Cebu from Manila, Clark, Davao, and other Philippine destinations.

Make your way to Casay between Argao and Dalaguete. From Cebu City, take a south bound bus going to Oslob/Dalaguete /Bato at Cebu South Terminal. Please ask the driver to drop you off at the junction of Dalaguete Beach Resort.

Casay Airstrip is located on your right.  Fly a Gyro Cebu is situated towards the end of the air strip so you might want to either, take a habal-habal or hire a tricycle. It's quite a walk.

It takes more or less 2 hours from Cebu City to the airstrip, depending on the traffic.

If you are staying somewhere within Argao, Fly a Gyro Team can offer you a free pick up at your hotel.

Remember, flights are booked in advance to ensure they're available when your arrive.

Here's an interesting article written by Migs of about his gyrocopter experience. Click the link below to watch his video.

13 Reasons Why Fly a Gyro is the Next Big Thing in Cebu

Is a trial introductory flight an activity you are interested to try?
Do check out, like and follow their Facebook & Instagram page!

Photo Credit: Lito Flestado

Love & light,

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  1. Sounds like a great experience! Not sure how I would feel being in such an open space high above the ground but the views sure make it look like it would be worth it.

    1. Thanks, it was indeed a memorable experience.

  2. You got some pretty amazing captures from up there! I love them all especially with the one with the whale shark. I am afraid of heights too, and like you, I try to overcome it by doing things that would get me up there like parasailing. I hope to experience flying through the gyro also. Maybe when I finally come over to Cebu!

    1. I would be very happy for you to experience it< Marge. Hope to see you in Cebu. :)

  3. Wow! Great pictures you have there! I have been longing to go to Oslob and see the Whale Sharks, too! I hope I can ride on a Gyro soon! :) (P.S.: Cebu is love!)

    1. Thanks Aldrick, I hope you do try the Gyro flight in the near future. I haven't tried swimming with the whale sharks either. We were drawn by life here surrounded by nature, lovely people and adventure in Cebu. :)

  4. How totally fun! The bf is a pilot and I'm STILL waiting for him to take me up on a flight :)

    1. That's amazing! Would really love to hear about it when that happens. My first time to try controlling the yoke of a small plane in a flying school north of the Philippines through a turbulent cross wind, I was screaming when I realized I was in control of the plane. I can imagine you taking full control without any problem. :)

  5. Wow! I bet that was an amazing feeling to be gliding in the air! Amazing amazing experience!

    1. Hello Jane, it was exhilarating indeed. Some turbulence here and there made my heart beat faster but it was an excellent experience.

  6. WHOA THIS IS COOL! I'd like to swim with whale sharks as well one day, but these things (saving up, ahum) need time. Someday! Really!

    1. Hello Laura! It's definitely going to be worth the wait.

  7. This looks like SO much fun! And the shots from overhead are absolutely breathtaking!!

    1. Thanks Ashlyn, it was exhilarating indeed. I am looking forward to try the mountain route next time.

  8. OMG! Photos from this height looks amazing, just look at the place, OMG! I'm so much in love with this place, Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. I really like the way you wrote OMG because I was screaming the same thing when we did a sharp turn with a few turbulence above the valleys.

  9. Wow! This is amazzzzzing! I had no idea they had something like this in Cebu. I just booked my flight to Cebu for June and I'm sooooooo excited. Hehe, can't wait. Love your aerial shot of the whale sharks :-)

    1. Yay!!! Exciting! Wishing you a happy and an adventure filled trip here :)


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