What's in My Bag?

The contents of one's bag reveal so much about a person. I can't necessarily claim I can't live without these items. Yet, you will see how my lifestyle has been altered when I compared them with previous posts;  such as, what's inside my beach bag when I was still living in Dubai and my hand carry luggage during a 4-day trip to Prague.

Having moved to the Philippines, I found myself carrying these all the time.

  1. Journal (This is just a plain notebook. Old habits die hard. I write everything down. It helps me unburden and clear my mind) 
  2. Black Pen  (If you live in the Philippines, black pen is used everywhere from signing government forms, immigration entry slips and a lot of paperwork.)
  3. Mobile Phone 
  4. Black Goody Comb (Whether I ride the motorbike, commute or drive the car, a comb is a simple tool to tame down my low maintenance straight hair and avoid looking like a crazy person)
  5. Hand cream  (A friend gave me this and I really like the scent and I carry it with me all the time)
  6. Revlon Matte Lipstick (I'm a minimalist. An illusion of looking dolled-up even without makeup, a red lipstick does the trick.)
  7. Neutrogena Lip Balm  (I've had this even during Dubai days)
  8. Dental Floss  (This is something I can never live without.)
  9. Tissues  (You can almost never find toilet paper in public toilets in the Philippines. Even the best looking malls would have a shortage of them, so this is definitely a necessity)
  10. Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers  (I got this as a freebie once and this is very useful for me and my daughter. We don't step on the toilet seat and squat people. Period. Never gonna happen.)
  11. Wallet 
What about you?
What's in your bag?
Happy Sunday!

Love & light,

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  1. I always carry a journal with me as well! I blame it on having a bad memory

    1. Same with me! Haha..I remember experiences but I am bad with details. I write them down even the names of the persons I meet or any information that would deem useful 😊

  2. I've stopped keeping a journal a long time ago because my diaries have grown so much in number that they have started to become a burden. Now whenever I want to write my thoughts I just type everything on my phone's Notepad.

    I bring pretty much the same things as you save for 5, 7, 8, and 10. I just use toilet paper to cover the toilet seat.

    As with the other things that I carry, there are my keys, meds, sunblock, toothpaste and toothbrush, kikay kit, earphones, charger, and power bank.

    1. Good point, Power bank and ear phones, I always forget these but definitely need them. :)