Going to the Beach

Such a beautiful day!  I'm heading to the beach today. One of my goals this year is to seize the moment and appreciate the present.  Living in Dubai means a 20-minute drive to the nearest beach.   When was the last time I have been to this one?  I honestly can't remember.   It's such a shame that we have the beach within our reach and we never go.  Well it's never too late.

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What to pack?   Travel Gourmande's essentials when traveling... 

1. Nivea body lotion / 2. After Sun Spray / 3. Neutrogena Lip Balm / 4.  Two Faced BB Cream SPF 20

What's in the beach bag?
1. Kindle / 2. Microfiber Quick Dry Beach Towel / 3. Sunglasses / 4. Bag within a bag that stores all toiletries and Sunblock SPF 50 / 5.  Extra set of changing clothes  /6. Blackberry 

I spent some time alone in the beach. I lay down on the mat for an hour or two and re-united with the characters in the book I'm currently reading.

Speaking of a good read, Enchanted by Starlight by author  Tina L. Hook answers my book questions on  her video post.  I'm so happy to have been given the opportunity to participate in the Book Club where we discussed the wonderful characters in her debut novel. Available in Kindle and paperback.   I'm so excited to share her story with friends.  Do check it out. 

 Have a gorgeous Wednesday!

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  1. I wish I had that beautiful beach next to my house, how is weather in Dubai now? I bet you can even swim. how jelous am I!!!
    kisses Arny have a great week

    1. Hi Laia, during the day it's usually between 26 - 34 degrees Celsius nowadays..it's a beautiful time now..have a great week to you too.

  2. We live quite near a city beach (not nearly as nice as a "real" beach), and we never go either! Maybe this summer if it's hot :)

    1. A nearby beach in the coming summer sounds awesome Deidre. :)

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