Colca Canyon

The Canyon Country tour is not complete without visiting the Colca Canyon and the Cruz del Condor.  Click here for the previous post.

The Colca Canyon is the deepest in the world , reported to be twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States.  Some canyon parts are habitable and are utilized for agriculture with all the terraced fields.  This reminds me of our rice terraces in the Philippines.  

Canyon del Colca

After a short stop here, the bus took us to Cruz del Condor watching the beautiful Andean condors up at the canyons.  Amazing experience! 

Andean Condor
3 meter wide condor gliding in the air
Cruz del Condor
View at the Mirador del Condor
Lots of trekking

There were short stops at the Maca Church and some scenic spots before heading back to Arequipa.  We stayed in the same hostel in Arequipa for the night as we prepared for our journey down south to Puno first thing in the morning.
To be continued...

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