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We have decided to stay with the Posada family in Yanque. It’s a local family offering cheap rooms to stay for the night. They offered us a trek to the mountains. I wasn't able to join them. My splitting headache has gone worse, so I stayed in bed for an afternoon nap after taking some medication.  Once I got better, we all went for a swim at the hot springs at a later part of the afternoon.

Check out the town of Yanque in the Colca Valley map here.
olca Canyon, Mirador del Condor and short stops at scenic places before headinack to Arequipa.
Plaza de Yanque

Typical street in Yanque
The afternoon trek I wasn't able to join
We made the right decision to stay in Yanque.  It was quiet while the rest of the tourists stayed in Chivay.

Llama along the road
On the way to the Hot Springs
Peruvian woman with her flock
More trekking
Et voila, the hot springs
Dinner with a Spanish Couple staying in the same family home with us
Dinner for the evening-  Alpaca Steak

19th September 2008, Friday

"We suffered the cold that night. There was no heating and it was around 5 degrees Celsius. We were all freezing. We woke up at 5AM and had breakfast. We went to the plaza at 5:30AM for the folk show and the bus picked us up there at 6:30 AM for another tour to Macca Town, Colca Canyon, Mirador del Condor and short stops at scenic places before heading back to Arequipa."

The Cathedral in Yanque
Right Side View of the Cathedral
With Mrs. Posada, Owner of the House we stayed in
Early morning folk dance for the tourists at 5AM
Traditional Attire
The bus along with the other tourists from Chivay picked us up here at the plaza.  Off we went to the Colca Canyons.  
To be continued....

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