Action Packed Weekend

How's your weekend going?  I'm fascinated by the LivNKD  concept by N_K_D Pizza (NAKED Pizza) of going beyond one's comfort zones to live each day.  They launched a competition along with Wild Guanabana and the awesome radio station Dubai 92 to promote this campaign by encouraging those interested to upload a video or a photo of an adventurous experience where they Lived N_K_D !

Last week, my husband, Yohann submitted one of his edited paragliding video and together we invited friends to vote. We were touched by the warm response we got from all of our family, friends and colleagues who willingly supported his entry.  This led to one morning live radio phone call on Dubai 92 where Yohann was announced as a winner!  I was privileged to have been invited to join him in his prize-  A full fun filled day of white water rafting, kayaking and adventurous thrilling rides at Wadi Adventure.

Check out Yohann's winning entry Entry Video

The weekly winners will move on to the final round.  The lucky winner will win an adventure packed trip to Thailand.

For us, whatever happens later is a bonus.  Yohann confirmed, "We already consider ourselves winners for having won this week." Through this, we have met amazing and really cool people for an unforgettable weekend.  I, for the very first time, attempted to kayak. Though I didn't go through the rough waters, it already felt liberating to be able to handle a paddle, being under water and balancing myself on my own.  I've never really imagined I would go kayaking in my entire life. 

In case you're interested for a road trip to Al Ain, here's another video of what you would find in Wadi Adventure. It's roughly an 1 hour and a half to 2 hours drive from Dubai.

Let's all live Wild this weekend!
Have a great Sunday!


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