The Danube and More in Vienna

Remember the movie, Before Sunrise where Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy made Vienna one of the most romantic places to spend the day in?  As you can see, we too were charmed and we, three men and a lady, couldn't get enough of it and had to see as much as we could before we leave.  We took a bus tour arranged by our hotel to explore more hidden gems of Vienna such as this interesting building below.

Hundertwasserhaus is an apartment building based on the idea and concept of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser co- developed by architect Joseph Krawina.  It has a lot of colorful pillars and colorful patchwork of walls.  The unconventional and controversial design has attracted a lot of tourists.  We also visited the shopping arcade across which was intentionally built to relieve the tenants from the bulk of visitors they receive everyday.

Undulating lines and uneven surfaces was part of Hundertwasser's concept

Best mode of transportation to explore the city
 We had a stopover at a vineyard atop the hill.
We went to this hill overlooking a wide expanse of vineyard.  Wow, Beer in the morning!
On the way back to the city, we passed by Albert Einstein's home
A trip to Vienna is not complete without viewing the Vienna skyline along Donau /  Danube River.  Much loved by the Viennese and a source of inspiration by composers and musicians. Probably many years ago it looked entirely different.
Getting ready for our  sightseeing cruise along the Danube River

View of the Vienna skyline with the Danube Tower  while cruising on the Danube River
There are some evening cruises available too as you enjoy waltzing after dinner.  Or fancy a day cruise exploring the inner canals heading up to the divided river by man made Danube Island or Donauinsel which offers various activities such as picnicking, cycling, water sports. May it be a short tour or a day trip to Germany and the Black Sea, there are many cruise liners  to choose from. 

Enjoying the Danube with the guys in shades.  
Vienna has about 100 Art Museums that attract more than seven million visitors per year.  Some design shots and architectural highlights coming up..

Canephorae and the Intricate Doorway

It was our last day in Vienna before we all took our flight the next morning to the majestic alps of Innsbruck.

Have a gorgeous Saturday!

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  1. Just gorgeous. And romantic.

    How I long to travel the world.

    1. Hello Tina, thanks for stopping by. Wish the hub was there to see it. It was a blessing to have had the chance for a stop over before a business conference.