A Day Tour in Vienna (Second Day)

 Waking up to  "Guten Morgen"  from the hotel's automated wake up call at 7AM reminded me that I was still in Vienna. I met with colleagues at the breakfast lounge all set for a day of exploration. Nothing better than starting the day being welcomed by a buffet of fresh fruits, bread, eggs, coffee and lots of cold cuts. Our hotel arranged for us a half day tour around the outskirts of the city where Schonbrunn Palace was.

Starhotel: The hotel we stayed in which was walking distance from the town centre- Stephanplatz
View from my hotel room
Et voila,  Schönbrunn Palace!  
Schönbrunn Palace
Wikipedia defines it as a former imperial 1,441-room Rococo summer residence in Vienna considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is one of the most visited places in Austria. To find out more about opening hours, tickets and history click  here
The landscape reminds me of Versailles Palace
The french inspired sculpted garden with maze, fountain, sculpture, and glass houses is a delight to visit.  There are many attractions in the park. One full day exploring the complex is just the right amount of time to spend lingering here. 
This is a better view of the palace.  The main entrance facade is surrounded by metal fence .
We had a guided tour inside the palace.  Schonbrunn has its own unique charm incomparable to Versailles despite their uncanny similarities.

We ended the tour with a sumptuous  Al fresco lunch of schnitzel over a pint of fresh wheat beer.

Was I the rose among the thorns? Nah, I always felt like one of them
I organized this weekend side trip for everybody and was behind of it all. I was blessed with wonderful colleagues and this is one of the things that I miss since I resigned.  I will surely miss traveling with these guys. My last five years were spent with them traveling to various destinations at least two to three times per year.  We definitely walked a lot in Vienna and quenched our thirst each time with a fresh pint.

Happy Friday!

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