On a Personal Note: Missing Him

"Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will." - Loving From a Distance 

In twelve days, I will finally see my husband again.  Living together for almost 9 years, this is our first Christmas apart. I miss him. Technology keeps us connected, but I miss being in his arms, cooking for him and spending time together. During travels, I'd think about him knowing how much he'd enjoy a particular scenery or food. Wondering what he has to say about something said and whether he would laugh at a funny incident. One month and a half - This is the longest time we've been apart since.

Despite having survived a four-year long distance relationship living in different time zones, prior to being together in Dubai, I still can't imagine how other couples out there are dealing with it, having the other working overseas. It must be difficult. Over the years, we were accustomed to and both enjoy one's absence a week or two (at the most four weeks) due to frequent business travels. The time apart gives us both space to miss each other more, leading to a romantic reunion, while filling up our cups and focusing on our career.  Yet, the holidays is that time of year when our desires to be with our loved ones are strongly felt. I'm grateful that I'm celebrating it with family this year, but my heart goes out to him knowing he's in the sandpit working on Christmas Day.  I chose to spend time with my siblings this year and heed the call of wanderlust. "Enjoy it for me," he repeatedly said, from the time he bid me goodbye at the airport to our daily conversations.  I vowed to do just that.  

I will be leaving again soon for another adventure. This time heading north. There will be scheduled posts during my absence.

For now, I intend to make the most of my vacation and seize each moment with friends and my siblings. Twelve days is not far away.  Soon Yohann and I will be celebrating the New Year's Eve together. 

Have you ever been in a LDR? How was it?
Do you have any advice to those apart this holiday season?


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  1. That's a very heartfelt post, Arni!

    My boyfriend and I come from different countries and from time to time we are also engaged in a long-distance relationship. We are really looking forward to moving in together, but we still don't know when it will happen. It is hard, very hard, but so far we've managed to get through and when we reunite it's always lovely and we try to do even more things together and we enjoy a lot more even the most common things.

    I don't think a long-distance relationship is for everyone, as some people simply choose not to try. But it mostly depends on the relationship and if it is solid enough it will always find a way to keep on flourishing.

    As you say, one day further away from you love ones is one day closer to see them away. Or as my boyf says, we only part to meet again.

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays :)
    xoxo Irene

  2. Beautiful post! I have no idea if I could do it. Maybe for a short time I guess, if I had the girls the whole time. A bit selfish here... ;)

  3. Great post dear! I am so sorry you have to spend the holiday apart. That blows so much! I hope you the best and know that everyday you are closer. Spend this time relearning yourself and you'll be surprised how fast the next week will pass.


  4. Loved this beautiful post! And the first quote is so perfect! I've tried distance before, but haven't found the right person to make it work with yet. I think that makes all the difference. :) We'll miss the spontaneous you while you head north, but I'm grateful we'll still hear from you!

  5. Great post ! I live an hour away from my boyfriend and I complain.
    You're strong and obviously your love for each other is too : )
    Love the beginning quote.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  6. I have never been in a LDR but my sis has and I know it's hard. At least with technology these days, skyping is only a button away. Enjoy your Christmas with the family and you will see him before you know it. A reunion on NYE sounds romantic.


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