Being away makes me feel homesick.  United Arab Emirates has become my home.  Somehow after having lived in Dubai for nine years (turning 10 next year),  the place has become dear to us.  It's so funny,  how we initially planned staying in the Middle East for not more than 3 years, we-among the thousands of expats share the same thoughts,  end up settled for almost a decade.  This country allowed me to transform into who I am today.  For that I'll be forever grateful.

Today, I'd like to write a post about these beautiful and graceful creatures that I have grown fond of over the years.   When I see them strolling in the desert while driving to work some mornings, I can't help but smile. They somehow gave me hope those days when I'd rather stay in bed, fully knowing I have a much dreaded day ahead of me.  These lovely camels reminded me that we all have a purpose and until I find what that is, I'll just have to  show up every day.

Arabian camels known as dromedary have only one hump.  The seemingly wild and wandering ones that I saw during an afternoon coffee in the desert  as I watched my husband up in the air, are usually owned by one of the nearby camel farms.  These domesticated mammals standing over 7 ft tall are free to roam throughout the day often in groups.  

These camels thrive in the desert because they can go for 3-4 days without food and water.  Contrary to popular belief, the hump contains fat (not water). They break these fats to sustain them when they're unable to eat and drink.  These herbivores, when thirsty, they can drink up to 30 gallons of water. 

UAE is a country known for its attachment to camels.   Being a dependable source of food, transportation, livelihood, shade and entertainment, camels are deeply integrated in their historical and cultural heritage.  

I was also told that camels are by nature very sensitive animals and could easily sense what the others are feeling.  Hence, you might have read an earlier post when one of them chased me in the desert because he thought I was mocking him.  I suppose he sensed my initial fear when I have gotten far too close invading their space.  They are attached to their surroundings.  They have the most loving eyes and the longest lashes. Check out how fast they can run during a Camel Race.

Wishing you all a lovely day.

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  1. I feel they get over looked but they are beautiful strong animals.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  2. They are really funny animals, I had the opportunity of travelling "on board" od one during a trip in Lanzarote and they are even nice.
    Your blog always made me feel curiosity about Dubai.

  3. I always love seeing animals in their natural surroundings but haven't yet seen a camel in theirs! This is so neat!!! You're adding so much to my travel to-do list! :)

  4. Oh wow. 10years? That is amazing. I really want to pay Dubai a visit, I've only ever been to the airport during transits. Might be heading there sometime in 2014 *fingers crossed*


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