10 Things to Do in SF: # 3 A Stroll Along Jack Kerouac Alley

On the way to Chinatown connecting Grant Avenue and Columbus Avenue is a one-way alley named after the American novelist and poet, Jack Kerouac. It is known to be the world's most literary intersection and a walk in this colorful paved street with engraved Western and Eastern poems is full of creative vibe.  

Stopping by City Lights Bookstore in front of the historic Vesuvio Cafe will make you travel back in time.

Vesuvio Cafe @ Jack Kerouac Street
Jack Kerouac Alley on a typical day
 An espresso break at Caffe Trieste is a must-try.  Francis Ford Coppola wrote most of the screenplay of The Godfather here.

Caffe Trieste Espresso Break
Left: Caffe Trieste/ Columbus Avenue
A Fair to Remember is celebrated along Jack Kerouac Alley monthly where San Francisco's creatives come out and showcase their talents.  Music Performances echo along the alley filled with painters, musicians, print makers, jewelry makers and artists. 

After an artistic stop in this historic alley, San Francisco Chinatown is walking distance from here.

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  1. seems like you had a fun travel! love those flowers!

  2. Oh I just love how vibrant this city is. Looks like so much fun :)

  3. what? i had no idea this existed. i used to be into reading beat writers and their lives. would love to go here one day.


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