Adventure Filming

When traveling to far off destinations, we aim to pack the lightest possible. One of the most valuable investment we ever did was purchasing a GoPro Camera. It's a revolutionary and innovative piece of video equipment that captures the minute detail of our experience.  Especially moments where we need a hands-free device that we could strap on anywhere. Like any typical GoPro Camera, there are available accessories that make it waterproof, ideal for scuba diving. There are attachments for your type of gear whether you want them strapped to your helmet, chest, snow/ surf board or bicycle. They've just released the GoPro Hero+3   which is even smaller, lighter and more powerful in resolution and sound.  I'd like to share this Go Pro video. It ignites that passion for wanderlust. Just watching this makes me want to go for an adventurous expedition.  

In case the video doesn't load, please click here

How did this film make you feel?
Wishing you a fun weekend!
Love & light,

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  1. a delightful promotional post, dear :)

  2. The landscapes featured on that short film are stunning!
    In august I bought myself my first DSRL camera and I'm really happy with it and trying to learn and improve my photographic skills. But it is probably not the handiest camera to travel with and yet I wish I could go back to all the places I've been before to take better pictures to last a lifetime :)

    Have a fun and great weekend you too, Arni!
    xoxo Irene

  3. I've heard a lot about this cameras and the truth is I want one to do scuba diving so it will be a nice present to give to myself next summer,
    It's a pity but I couldn't see the video.
    have an amazing weekend

  4. wow. i have never heard of this but way awesome! the surfing footage is outrageous!

  5. Almost everyone in my family has a go pro except me :) It's basically my dream to cuddle a lion, so if getting a go pro means I can cuddle a lion like this ad made me believe I'm in (kidding obviously). It's some spectacular marketing on their part.

  6. Hey Arni. This video didn't work when I clicked on it.

    Your blog is inspiring me to be more adventurous today.