Top 12 Road Trip Playlist

Spring and sunny days are upon us, as I see beautiful photos on blogs and Facebook updates. For us desert people, it's sunny all year round.  We, however, miss the natural greens. Wherever we are, whatever the landscape is, it's great to drive with friends or with loved ones. Cruising together and bask in the beauty of nature. 

If I were to create a Road trip playlist, this would be it. Plug your mp3s, pump up the volume and hit the road!

1Life is a Highway  by Rascal Flatts

2. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

3. Best Day of My Life by American Authors

4. Roam by B-52

5. Free Fallin  by John Mayer

6. Brave by Sara Bareilles

7. Born to Be Wild  by Steppenwolf

8. Love You Always Forever  by Donna Lewis

9.  Fast Car  by Tracy Chapman

10. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

11. All of Me by John Legend

12. On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

What's your road trip playlist?

C'est tout.
Have a safe drive and a lovely weekend!
Love & light,

Guess What:  This photo was taken during a road trip in the Mahogany tree lined forests of Bohol, Philippines.

On a personal note:  I'll travel vicariously through you all as I am in my 37 weeks and unable to move around anymore. Tomorrow's my last day in the office and I'll probably be at home waiting it out during my maternity leave.

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  1. you forgot to add I DROVE ALL NIGHT from Cyndi or Ray or Celine :) That's the sexiest travel and road song ever :)

  2. That's a good play list. My play list pretty much includes all the One Direction songs, because that's what my daughter likes to listen to.

  3. What a lovely image. Enjoy this quiet time. I'm sure you must be so excited now that your maternity leave has started. Happy by Pharrell would be the top of my playlist.

  4. Life is a Highway FOR SURE!

  5. oh my gosh! 37 week! congrats! and i love that you have donna lewis up there. totally a 90s song! :)

  6. 37 weeks!!! WOW how exciting, Arni. Take care of yourself and make sure to rest up lots before bub arrives.

  7. AGHH!!!! 37 weeks!!! congratulations!! can't wait to e-meet your little one!

  8. Awesome list! Love Radioactive and On the Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons too!

    Don't know why, but I love listening to Everlast when I'm going somewhere by car :)