How to Register Expat Babies in the UAE

An expat mother is going through postpartum recovery and the ridiculous 10-day paternity leave is almost over.  The paper work in registering the birth certificate, issuing a passport and residence visa of your baby can add much burden on the already stressful sleep deprived days following the arrival of your little one.

Fortunately, my husband was able to take extra days off so he managed to take care of the documents on his own. However, if you have limited time and would like to focus on your little one instead of running around to get this done, good news is, there is a company in Dubai that can process this for you, hassle-free. A friend of ours who used their services recommended it to us.

Baby Steps , a division of Middle East Assistance can arrange the following:

Birth Certificate which includes local Arabic Birth Certificate attested by the Ministry of Health and English Translation attested by the Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs. 

  1. Filled application (online or hospital) 
  2. Both parents' original passports with a valid UAE Residence Stamp
  3. Original Marriage Certificate attested in UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. Original Birth Notification with the hospital stamp. The hospital issues this and the the birth certificate is issued by Al Baraha Hospital.
They will send a company representative to pick up the documents from your home and deliver it afterwards.   How much? Click here

Normal - 3 working days
Express - 24 hour turn around

Passport.  This service is free of charge.  When services are obtained for the birth certificate, they will organize all the forms and information required to apply for your baby's passport.  However, it will be the parent's responsibility to apply and collect this personally from their respective consulates.

Once the passport is sorted out. Contact Baby Steps and prepare the following documents:
  1. Sponsor's original passport 
  2. Original birth certificates - English and Arabic
  3. Original Salary Certificate from Free Zone Authority if the sponsor is working in the Free Zone
  4. 2 photos of the baby 
  5. Original passport of the baby
  6. Original Tenancy Contract attested in Dubai Land Department.  Check the details in http://www,
  7. Photocopy of both parents' Emirates ID
  8. Original attested Marriage Certificate
They will send a company representative to collect and deliver the documents. Visa process will take 3-4 days. How much? Click here

Contact Details:
Address:     PO Box 111474 Dubai UAE
Phone:       +971 4 2730364
Mobile:       +971 50 4941624

We are pretty much at the passport processing stage. We'll go through the visa application soon. Hope this post helps.

Have a great week!
Love & light,

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  1. oh what a nice shirt! i love dubai so much,
    was there two times!
    happy day <3
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. I'm shocked and amazed that there are such agencies too! It takes forever to do any kind of paperwork here in my country as well.... So, your baby doesn't automatically become a citizen of Dubai just by getting born there?

    1. No, unfortunately, we cannot become citizens of Dubai despite being residents for a long time or being born here.

  3. That's such a cute little top! I'm sure this will be very useful to many new parents in Dubai. It sounds like a very good idea to use the agency as it's seems like quite a lengthy process.

  4. Oh Arni! It feels like a lifetime since I was last here and it literally is as in that time your BEAUTIFUL Anaïs has arrived. I have just been catching up on all your posts and they made an old hormonal woan feel quite emotional, especially the Journey Through Pregnancy photos where you and your husband look so lovely together. Many, many congratulations to you both. This first month must have been a bit overwhelming as well as totally amazing. Enjoy this adventure. I can absolutely promise you that throughout her life, your gorgeous baby girl will bring you more joy than you can imagine. And enjoy every minute, as it all goes by so fast !!! Lots of love to you xx

  5. Cute shirt! I can imagine how complicated it is to deal with paperwork for an expat baby!


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