Travel Recap: Bohol on a Motorbike

June 12 marks a holiday back home. Today is Philippine Independence Day. I'm sure most of the city folks are preoccupied enjoying a  non-working day hopefully commemorating nationalism and the importance of freedom. What better way to appreciate home by posting a travel memory of one of my favorite places.  Bohol. Known for its popular "Chocolate Hills".

Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol
Here's a photo blog of this stunning town. We explored Panglao Island of Bohol on a 125cc motorcycle. Enjoy the countryside breeze and the rustic landscape. There were luxurious hill top mansions at the other side of the island, away from resorts, where  affluent residents live right at the edge of seaside cliffs. Much to our hearts' content, spying on the architecture of these fenced houses was unexpectedly inspiring. 
Exploring Panglao Island on a Motorbike
Typical architecture at Panglao Island
Exploring Alona Beach
Alona Beach

The French and Philippine flags outside the hut below caught our attention. L'Elephant Bleu. Located at Alona Beach. Apparently, the owner of this quaint bed and breakfast and restaurant is a french guy who decided to settle down in Bohol.  They serve a variety of french dishes with a mix of native cuisine.

L'Elephant Bleu / Garden Cottages / Calamansi  (Philippine Lime) Juice
Alona Beach
Alona Beach

What a view during breakfast!  Restaurants and beach resorts occupy the long stretch of white sand Dumaluan beach front, which were relaxing to stay at and chill out both night and day. 

Breakfast at Dumaluan Beach Resort
Dumaluan Beach Resort
Dumaluan Beach
Dumaluan Beach : Low tide at sunset

Is it a place that would catch your interest?
To compatriots, happy independence day!
To you friends and dear readers, happy Thursday!

Love & light,

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  1. looks like a very relaxing place to be!

  2. happy independence day. what a gorgeous beach. i love the unique formation of the clouds in the last picture :)

  3. I am dreaming of reaching Bohol, I am so gonna go there! And when I do I will visit the L'elephant Blue.

  4. alona beach looks amazing! happy belated philippine independence day! my husband and i aren't filipino, but he pastors a filipino church, and we celebrated last sunday and he wore a barong! hooray :)

    1. Thanks, so awesome he got to wear barong :) my husband likes it. He even asked to wear it during our wedding.

  5. So beautiful. Wow! The relaxing feeling even comes through the photos.

  6. What a way to start the day enjoying breakfast with such a glorious view. I have always loved beaches with white sand and palm trees which are leaning over like this. I hope you enjoyed celebrating Independence Day even though you were not in the Philippines.

  7. I've always wanted to go to Bohol. It's so sad I was't able to see the church before it got destroyed by the quake last year.

  8. In Bohol, travelling via motorbike would be the most suggested way.. It is cheap and somewhat always available.


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