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Wow, it's December! The chilly breeze outdoors beckon al fresco dinners, barbecue parties and relaxing evenings with a hookah pipe.  Speaking of which, the last bit of November was spent doing exactly that.

A Post- Thanksgiving dinner last weekend to thank everyone for everything. I love the fact that it started turning emotional when each one started sharing what they're thankful for this year.  Sadly, it would also be our last Thanksgiving together in the UAE.

It was a cooking-up-a-storm whole morning and the happy eating and lively convo at dinner made each second totally worth it. 

To celebrate the UAE National Day, we took a parents night-off for an evening of shisha at SanSation in Motor City.  A lively outdoor terrace overlooking the man made lake of Green Community Motor City. Puffs of Grape Mint drifted in the air.  Lingering for hours over good food and fresh lemon mint juice was a perfect way to unwind before the non-working holiday. 

Their burgers are note worthy. For those avoiding carbs, they have  a lettuce wrapped burger that was really yummy called "In the Rap" Burger.  I usually order their Mixed Grill platter with a plate of Moutabal. Yum!  You might also like to try their Chocolate Dream Cake. 

Wishing you all a lovely week!
Love & light,

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  1. lovely smiles! looks like good times spent with friends. those are always so good for the soul :)

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time with friends, which is really what the holidays are all about

  3. You look like you host a great party!


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