Inspiring IKEA Kitchens

How's your week going? I'm sure a lot of you will be cooking up a storm in the next 2 days. Here are inspiring kitchens from IKEA. A trip there always brings me a dose of happiness. I like both of these designs, especially when all of the appliances are built-in. Take your pick.

I am glad I finished all of my gift shopping in one day.  Since I have been on house arrest  {A term I refer to since we live in the middle of the desert and is not accessible via public transport and a taxi fare is more than a full tank worth of gas.} last week, I spent a lot of time researching possible gifts online and concocted the best action plan in buying them all in one trip. :) As soon as the car was ready from the garage, off I went.  I must say, shopping the entire day with a baby should be an olympic sport.  I will attempt to make my first pot roast on Christmas Day. Wish me luck. What will you be preparing?

Happy holidays and happy cookin' everyone.
Love and light, 

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  1. I love everything Ikea :) i would probably choose the second kitchen because it seems better lit than the first one, even though the only difference are the white/black colours.

    We will be having racket te in Xmas day but I will also bake some Wellington roll with meat as I'm not so sure that so much cheese will be the best choice for me :)

    Enjoy these special days with your family, which will probably be one of the most special Christmas ever! xoxo

  2. We're making a standing rib roast seasoned with tarragon, rosemary, and basil. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Good luck with the pot roast. We are having turkey and all the trimmings. Have a wonderful day! Happy New Year too. Thank you for all your lovely comments this year!

  4. those are lovely! I love them light, white and with big big windows and clean surfaces! Happy Holidays

  5. I like both designs but of the two, the second picture is more appealing to me because of the light color.

    I'm not cooking anything this holiday season but I am so ready to eat hahaha... Happy Christmas Arni!


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