A Coffee Addict's Paradise

The scent of coffee drifts in the air. The kind that will make you forget your worries and will temptingly lure you in.  My mother-in-law was looking for a gift for a new family acquaintance in Paris and I suggested a box of chocolates is a safe choice to give, especially one that is a speciality in the region.  Off we went to the nearest branch of La Vendée's famous chocolatier, Chocolatier Gelencser.  
Patrick Gelencser is the president of this chocolate dynasty. La Maison Gelencser started more than 50 years ago as a pastry shop in Chantonnay which was established by Patrick's grandfather.  Patrick Gelencser translated his passion for creating chocolates and desserts into a business empire opening a laboratory of his chocolate creations along with branches throughout the French region of La Vendée, which includes  Le Musée du Chocolats ( Chocolate Museum).  This 300 sq.m chocolate museum in La Roche Sur Yon features the history behind ccocoa and the art of chocolate making.  I would love to visit it one day.

A Marriage between Chocolate & Coffee;  Along with your choice of dessert or chocolate, you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. You can also buy fresh beans here  as well as coffee capsules.

Yes, macarons!
They also offer a pastry making course.
Is it a place that might interest you? What is your favorite dessert? 
Dark, Light or Milk Chocolate?  I'll take the dark, please.

Bon appetit!
Love & light,

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  1. I like white chocolate most :) And I love creamy deserts, but I rarely eat them... I eat sweets maybe once a week

  2. I'm betting that it really smells good in there.

  3. I've love to get my hands on all those sweets!! I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but your post has me tempted! And lovely new layout by the way. It's beautiful!

  4. I would seriously love that place! And macarons, too? My daughter would love that!

  5. Of course it interests me a lot! Coffee is my language, for sure I am going to love this place, hell I love it already even by just looking at the photos! To answer your other question, my favorite dessert is cupcake :)

  6. Oh my word... Coffee... I want/need all of it now