Transformation of a Gourmande

My favorite space in the house to workout. A glazed corridor with garden views on both sides.

Happy Monday everyone! In light of National Physical Fitness and Sport Month, I'm going for a healthy lifestyle topic. You must have seen these images on Instagram. As you might have also read in my previous fitness post, I've adapted a healthier lifestyle since moving out of Dubai.

Okay, I'm not going to show you a before or after photo of how I look. The point of this transformation post, is not getting thin. It is feeling comfortable in one's body.

Since May is Fitness month, I'd like to share these inspiring fitness tips with you from  BHG360° Bankers Healthcare Group , providing financing solutions to healthcare professionals. To read more about them and what they offer click here

It's good to cross check what I have been doing so far from the above tips.

My workout? Today, I'm starting Week 5 of Kayla Itsines' BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Workout. It's a 12-week program of HIIT exercises, cardio and healthy nutrition plan.Well, the first 3 weeks of cardio and resistance training were hard, but okay. However, week 4 made me understand the phrase "Death by Kayla." Those commandos and ab exercises are killers, but tough as they are, the sense of accomplishment and good pain afterwards are all worth it. 

Fitness Goals? For now, I want to finish the 12-week BBG program. Additionally, I'd love to get back to running again once the weather gets warmer as well as cycling. When I do get back to the Philippines, I'd like to attend zumba classes for fun and maybe, yoga and pilates? 

Motivation Since I don't have access to a gym (haha, we're living on a low budget), my LISS consists of long 5-10 kilometer (or more) walks. I try to achieve the daily 10,000 steps whenever possible. I prefer being outdoors when the weather's good and it's amazing doing it in the forest, countryside or along the coast. Just like what was mentioned in the infographics above, it's important to take rest and recovery, plenty of sleep and while focusing on goals, going for an acitivity I enjoy. Check out one of the long walks we did here

Diet? I think I've erased that word from my vocabulary. The term "Nutrition" above is the best word for it. I've made it a constant habit now to eat sensibly by taking in food slowly so that I stop eating when I'm 90% full. My family in France are gardening profusely; so we're eating organic home cooked meals daily.

I used to be terrified of carbs. So imagine my surprise, when I recently felt comfortable having it. Since moving to France, I now eat bread, pasta, sweet and regular potatoes in small portions. The exact quantity that I saw from my doctor's nutrition plate. So yes, huge quantities of organic and home-grown fruits and vegetables. Due to daily fitness activities, my shorts and jeans continue to loosen despite eating carbs.

I think the biggest mistake is depriving oneself. I do enjoy a cheat meal once in a while but I am now aware of what I eat.  For me, the best rule of thumb is the simpler the meal is prepared, the better.  No preservatives and artificial stuff. So, Yes to clean eating! And yes to water water water.

Benefits and Perks so far? I stopped checking the weighing scale now. I'm more focused on healthy eating and the best measurement for me are my pre-pregnancy clothes.  Happy to say, I fit in all of them now even the smallest ones that I thought I'd never wear again.

What are your health and fitness goals? Do you have a routine?
How do you stay fit? Any tips to keep motivated?

Wishing you a fun and fit week ahead.

Love & light,

P.S. Due to these life changes, I'm thinking of changing the name of the blog since I'm not a gourmande anymore. I still love food but I take them in moderation. What do you think? Should I, or should I not? Oh, and this is not a sponsored post. I believe that the infographic is worthy to share.

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  1. Walking is a great exercise. It sounds like you're doing well on achieving your fitness goals.

  2. I've zero fitness goal and plan :) I'd like to be glued to a flying little soccer so that I wouldn't have to walk at all :)

  3. I completely support you on this sis and I am truly grateful that you shared Kayla's routine with me. I've been doing it faithfully even though it's so freaking hard! Haha... I'm now on my week 3.

    If revamping your blog will help reflect your new adventure, then go ahead. I am also planning to make some major changes in my blog soon but I'm keeping the name :)

  4. Sound like a great fitness plan you've got there. I've always preferred walking outdoors to working out in the gym anyway

  5. How inspiring! Best of luck with your fitness goals. I've been so lazy lately, but I prefer exercises such as hiking and swimming. You don't really realize you're working out because they're so fun!

  6. Excellent, beneficial and inspiring post. I love to take long walks in nature, it is very therapeutic for me. :)

  7. Staying away from all kinds of processed food and sticking to fresch veggies and fruits plus acupuncture helped me get pregnant naturally last time. Hopefully, I can do it again.