One Cold Afternoon By the Sea

While we are stranded indoors as it poured continuously outside for the last two days,  I'll write about our first short walk along the coast.   Our week started sunny and to our hearts' content we enjoyed the seaside under the cold afternoon sun . Here are images of what we will be seeing during our daily walks for the next several months. Click on the link and read more about Les Sables d'Olonne , France.

Summer is just around the corner.
What do you have planned this summer?
Love & light,

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  1. I adore cold days... we're having one today, it's kinda Autumnish, but they say we shall have 30*C next week.
    I will probably spend the summer working as usual, since I have tones of books to translate for my publisher!

  2. The first thing I noticed is that the place is clean. Really nice. My summer has started, I just came back from Boracay, our company outing is this May in Las Casas, and my first solo trip to Palawan is in June. I used to hate summer, now I love it!

  3. What a lovely spot for a walk! We're heading into winter here and it has been raining lots too.