Wildflowers and Becoming One

Take away the wildflowers from this landscape picture and it suddenly becomes less pleasing. Somehow the presence of these wildflowers not only adds beauty to the entire scenery, but a certain kind of softness that transforms a seemingly scary pond into something worthy to capture. It offers a certain serenity and calm to the unknown. 

As I walked quietly in the countryside along wheat covered fields and trees with branches that bent over pathways, I was drawn to the beauty of these wildflowers. What I love about them is their quiet determination to survive in an unplanned or unexpected environment.  They have the strength to thrive. They stand tall and proud as though within their roots is an abundant source of light. They acknowledge their natural beauty with an innate simplicity. They are confident to reflect their authentic self. 

They may appear delicate but they may surprise you with their strength and courage to exist and grow in an unknown place. In fact, I think it is this trait which makes them beautiful. They bring unexpected joy to anyone who sees them. 

Les Campanules/ Campanulas

"Like a wildflower;
You must allow yourself 
to grow in all the places
people thought you never would. " EV

If I were to choose what I aspire to become in this life, I pray that may God transform me into a wildflower. Well not literally, but someone who possesses such qualities. Here are some wildflowers that can be found in Western France.

Les Pâquerettes / Prairie Daisies
Les Trèfles Rose - Rouge / Pink Clovers
Les Ciguës /Hemlock Flowers (Beware they're deadly and poisonous)

"May your life be like a wildflower,
growing freely in the beauty 
and joy of each day." Native American Proverb

Les Marguerites / Marguerite Daisies
Le Bouton d'Or / Buttercup

Becoming a Wildflower

Seize the joy in simple pleasures.
See the good in an unpleasant situation.
Appreciate and be grateful for every thing.
Take God's hand in courageously venturing the unknown.
When life gets tough, hold tight, draw strength from God and Believe.
Continue to shine and reflect your True Self.
Be flexible, in order to thrive, adjust your sails where the wind takes you.
Celebrate your natural beauty and uniqueness.
Share your gifts and talents for a common good, with all humility.
Spread happiness and joy.

The power of buttercups in transforming this setting into a bright and welcoming one. 

Wishing you all a beautiful week!
Love & light,

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  1. campanulas are so lovely! We currently have our irises blooming in yellows, whites and violets.

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful post. I think that I would love to grow into some of those traits as well! :)

  3. I've heard a saying, flowers are God's smile. There might be some truth to that. Lovely post!