La Morena Cafe

"One Iced Americano, please."  La Morena Cafe lures the coffee addict in for a quick fix.  

Coron is hot!  Despite Mt. Tapyas's towering form that's supposed to provide shade over the town proper, walking along the National Road under the heat will leave you dehydrated and sun burned. Popping in here was definitely a brilliant idea.

Where is it?
It is located along National Highway, Coron, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines. 

Open from 7AM to 11 PM daily

In Coron, there are limited choices for western breakfasts available in the hotels we stayed in.

For the French, a salty breakfast is bizarre.  Thankfully, there were non-savory items in their breakfast menu. My French sister-in-law ordered a crepe. 

We have always known the food is delicious here. We had the privilege of meeting the proprietors of No Name Bar many years ago, who also own this coffee shop.  So it was no surprise that I had breakfast twice in a row here.  I ordered extra bacon much to my heart's content.

American Breakfast Php 210

The owners are geniuses when it comes to selecting quirky quotes. The decor adds to the lovely vibe in this chill out joint. 

Their main dishes are also a must-try. My husband enjoyed his Chicken Burger from the Specials Board while my daughter and I shared a huge portion of Chicken Schnitzel.  

Great service. The server is friendly. Our food and beverage arrived in a timely manner.  

Price:  Reasonably priced for the portion size.  Budget Php 270-400 per person 

Extra Perks:
  • Their Free Wi-Fi speed is reliably good.  
  • Family -Friendly. There's a Kid's corner that will keep your toddlers busy so you can enjoy your delicious meal. 
Verdict:  5 Stars.  I highly recommend and I will definitely return!

When in Coron, check this place out.
Love & light,

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  1. Yum, your pics are making me hungry!

  2. It's interesting to know that it's from the same people behind No Name Bar. I still remember NNB, I think it's pretty funny that they name a bar like that. God I miss Coron and when I get a chance to go back I am going to check out La Morena Cafe.

    1. The first time I saw the signage, I couldn't help smiling too. The branding is pretty effective. Our curiosity led us to ask the owners the story behind the name :) Coron has changed so much since. It's amazing how much it has grown.