Cafe Cebuano

Cafe Cebuano takes "chilling overlooking the beach" to a whole new level. Lose yourself, lounge on a rattan chair and soak up on the shore-side view of Pescador Island in Moalboal, Cebu. Sip your favorite choice of beverage. One fresh coconut, please.  Ah! Life is sweet!

We have family, my brother-in-law and his wife visiting from France. 

While the boys prepared for their scuba diving beginners course at Cebu Dive Center in Panagsama Bach, we, girls, had a lot of time to ourselves. 

We weren't in the mood to dip and snorkel just yet.  

If you ever find yourself unsure how to spend the morning in Moalboal, head over to Cafe Cebuano for a morning cuppa.   Alex had a fresh coconut for Php 80.  I ordered a Multi-vitamin Juice (Mango/Orange/Pineapple) for Php 130.  

Being the coffee addict that I am, I did not pass the opportunity to try their coffee. I later ordered an Iced Coffee, a shot of espresso with iced cubes for Php 95.

It had a lovely laid back interior and clean toilets. There was light ambient music playing in the background. Allow the gorgeous view to take over your senses.  

After lingering french conversations, the guys decided to join us here for an early lunch before their first session in the water.

Cafe Cebuano has an extensive menu from international dishes to local specialties that would please any palate. They have fresh catch seafood specials on the board that change daily.

We decided to go for sizzling gambas for starters,  Club Sandwich and Chicken Curry for the mains. 

The sizzling gambas was served several minutes later which we delightfully shared. The sandwich arrived just in time.  

Unfortunately, the guys needed to leave before the curry was served in order not to be late for their diving class.  The dish arrived exactly an hour, upon placement of the order.  The manager apologized for the delay. Apparently, they had some issues with the rice's availability.  

Verdict:  The Thai Green Chicken Curry was creamy and delicious! Good serving size, as well. Sadly, the guys missed it.  

Tip:  Allow some time, about an hour or so when placing an order for main dishes. 

Will I come back? : Yes, of course.

American Breakfast  Php 240 plus extra bacon for Php 75

And so I did!

I came back. We ordered American Breakfast this time for lunch. It includes 2 eggs of any style, crispy bacon or cooked ham or Maple Syrup Sausages, 2 slices of toast (white or whole wheat) & jam, seasonal fresh fruits, Cafe Americano or tea and orange juice. Their coffee I must say is really good here.

The breakfast service was much faster.

Love & light,

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