3 Things I Like About Pinas This Week

I'm seizing this opportunity to appreciate the goodness that I discover in my home country. Here's a round up of 3 things that made me happy this week.

The Cabbage Men of Mantalongon

1. The Vegetable Farmers of Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu

I am fascinated by how hardworking vegetable farmers are over here.  They manage to plant veggies in every nook and cranny, even along hilly cliffs. No space is wasted. They hang on to the rocks with one arm, while planting with the other.  They effortlessly carry these huge baskets on their shoulders as they descend down the mountain.

No excuses. Vegetables can grow anywhere

2. Fresh Coconut as you please

A refreshing sip of fresh coconut always brings a surge of happiness.
Coconut juice (Buko juice) at your disposal to quench the thirst   

Cheers to those who are lucky enough to own your own coconut trees in the backyard for a regular supply of coconut.  For the rest of us, the market has an abundant stock of buko. Even malls have stands that sell a bottle of natural coconut juice without added sugar for Php 45 - Php 50 pesos a bottle. Good news for those of us who are on Keto Diet. 

3.  Deep Conversations While Hiking at Osmena Peak

Soul Searching in Osmena Peak
Sometimes, all we need is a sounding board.   In the company of my youngest sister, who came for a much needed visit to Cebu, we hiked along the clear trail on a weekday. 

It was quiet. Haha, unlike in Sagada where screaming your lungs out is equivalent to an hour session of therapy, here, a walk in nature is exactly what our souls craved. 

She is recently in a career hiatus and was seeking some clarity.  As we took one step after another, our life conversations made this trek a memorable one for both of us. Two women at the crossroads of their lives. In the Philippines, we can always turn to mother nature for some solace. 

My fear of heights (of falling) will sometimes reveal itself, but my love for nature and travel blurs its existence. 
Another great thing this week is the implementation and roll out of the Reproductive Health Law. Finally! Time to celebrate!

Think of 3 Things You Like About Your Home Country Today
What are they?

Wishing you a great weekend!
Love & light,

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  1. The hiking there looks magnificent!

    1. Thanks Rooth, the upside to hiking in this particular trail is the weather. Due to its high altitude, the climate here is similar to a pleasant summer weather in Europe sans humidity.

  2. It's refreshing to read something that actually lists out the good things in the Philippines in the time when all we see in social media is the bad things about this country. You are one beautiful soul Arni. It's quite admirable that you came back here and chose to enjoy living in our country when everyone else (myself included) is wanting to live.

    1. Thanks so much Marge. I too face challenges with all the administrative trappings and frustrations in our system. To be honest, I guess this is my way of coping, hoping to somehow shed some glimmer, aiming to strike a bit of balance and if I may be extremely optimistic, attempt to contribute in the shifting of collective consciousness.