Hot Pot & Coffee

How's your Friday going?  I had an incredible and unusual Thursday evening.  In this part of the world, our Thursday night is synonymous to a Friday night.  Our Chinese friends showed us how to paint the town red by:
  1. Devouring a sumptuous meal at an authentic Chinese noodle joint in the China Court of International City.
  2. Followed by a traditional Chinese foot massage-- with fire cupping at a foot spa!
  3. Ending it with a big group Hot Pot in another restaurant.
It was unique and original indeed.  Something we have never done before.

We do, however, habitually go back to certain places where we find solace. I'd go there everyday if I could.  That for me is Caffè Nero at the Dubai World Trade Center. It's a premium Italian-style coffee house  exuding a Milanese vibe.  The only chic coffee shop in town that is not within a five star hotel property where classical music is played.  Being an avid classical music listener, this is definitely a treat where I can relax within a tranquil and stylish interior!  Away from buzzing crowds and chatter in increasing decibels.

A perfect place for coffee lovers like me who loves stronger coffee.   It is the only coffee house that includes two-shots of house blend espresso in every coffee based drink.

It is also renowned for its superb customer service.  The menu includes Italian selections from pasta to freshly toasted panini and tostati with a sweet tooth selection of cakes and pastries that complements the coffee.

As for me, I gave in to my carb cravings of penne arabiatta for brunch.  Coffee and pasta may not really be  ideal together, but what can I say, I'm a gourmande and I eat absolutely anything with everything all the more when Vivaldi is playing in the background. :)

Bon Appetit!

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