Vacation Themed Party

Summer is upon us.  Busy week triggers the need to escape for a vacay.  We haven't booked anything yet for this summer.  Life feels on hold for us at the moment.  Things are quite uncertain so we haven't planned any trip.  I was hoping to go home instead, but June-September is usually a very rainy season to go back to my homeland, Philippines.  If we were to do so, we would like to take a glimpse of at least one white sand island with clear waters on a bright sunny day.
I'm itching to go away and it's a great idea to do so during the hottest months in Dubai from June- September. Yes, there are great beach fronts here.  The water is clear and the sand is soft, pebble free underwater.  It's a shame, we rarely go to the beach on weekends.  We are confined in the comfort of air conditioning watching movie marathons during lazy Fridays. 

The upside during these months in Dubai are low hotel rates and special packages for the family, for couples, for a girls weekend  or boys adventure desert trips.  For the shopaholics, there is the Dubai Summer Surprises  from the 22nd of June to 31st of July 2011.  Best shopping deals, lots of events, concerts, international shows and lots of promotions during the summer festival.

For those, who are staying behind and who are like me, undecided.  What about we throw a vacation- themed weekend party?  It doesn't need to be a big event.  It could be a quiet dinner with closest friends, or an afternoon with the family.  Just to try something different
  1. Choose a country you would like to go to this summer.
  2. Check out the recipes  of that country's traditional cuisine for your party's menu and treats.
  3. Decorate!  Pick out elements and create DIY banners, table pieces and name cards inspired by the country theme to set the mood.
  4. Perfectly set the tone with a matching music.  E.g.  Play Andrea Bocelli for a Tuscany backyard dinner party
  5. Imagine the scent of that setting and try to capture the aroma with scented candles.  For example, if you're having a South of France theme afternoon coffee party,  lavender!
  6. Try creating trivia games about the touristic sites or any game related to learning the foreign language.
Check out Mexican Theme Fiesta Party

Here are more theme ideas:

English Afternoon Tea Party
India Inspired Lunch

While we're at it...I think this is soo cute! French cafe theme

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday!

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